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  • Visitor Request

    We have received a request from a regular visitor and contributer to JockSpank who is trying to track a photo of a boy who’s taking a picture of himself with his mobile in the mirror after getting a spanked red bottom. Is anyone familiar with this picture and know where it can be found?


    If so, please leave a reply in the Comments setion below or at the old JockSpank Blog.




    Thanks To everyone who replied to this question, and thanks to Collegeboy who identified the picture our friend was looking for




  • Two Spanking updates from East Europe Boys

    First spanking for young athletes (Peter)

    The gym trainer presented two of his athletes to the master. Peter who is 20, and 18-year-old Danny, they are to be tested to see if they can endure a good spanking. The first is Peter, who in spite of declaring that he is not afraid is soon absolutely frightened. First he is spanked by hand over master’s knee, then by his coach,straining all his muscles and challenging his beautiful manhood.



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  • “Wait ’til Your Father Gets Home” – PhotoShopped by Mark (Part 1 of 2)

    Wait ’til Your Father Gets Home” by Mark

    If you enjoy your art Hot and sexy with a large helping of wicked humour you have come to the right space.

    What better way to enjoy the weekend than indulging in the brilliant PhoptoShop artistry of Mark.

    Here is the first half of a two part series based on that extremely exciting theme “Wait ’til Your Father Gets Home!”

    Click on the images to see the full sized pictures



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  • Sting Male Spanking DVDs for USA customers from Mans Hand Films

    Posted on by Ward







    Over the past decade most male-spanking studios have discontinued the manufacture of DVD’s and now only offer their videos by download or streaming.  This includes Sting Pictures who discontinued making DVD’s for US distribution in 2008.  Since then, however, they have produced nearly 300 new films.  Sting does offer DVDs for customers all over the world – their newest DVD – “The Brothers” will be available soon.

    Man’s Hand Films is one of the few studios that still offers their products by download or DVD, and they recently struck a deal with Sting Pictures to offer those 300 videos in a DVD format to their fans in the US.  Each compilation video has around a one-hour running time, and includes from one to four different stories.

    Man’s Hand Films is proud to announce that the third set of 5 Sting DVD’s are now available for sale on the Man’s Hand website.  

    These videos have never been offered on DVD before.


    This posting is the THIRD set of 5 new DVD’s featuring 8 Sing movies :


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  • Jonathon gets a “Very Red Bum” at the Magic Spanking Factory


    A Very Red Bum

    Although that perpetual naughty boy Jonathon lost his drivers license a few months ago he could not resist “borrowing” Stephen’s car. That was a very bad decision on his part.


    Not only did he drive the car without a license, but he also almost crashed it. He drove it recklessly hitting a high curb, which ruined the wheel and burst the tyre. The car had, of course, to be towed away to be repaired. (That by the way is a 100% true account of what actually happened. The evidence can be seen in the clip)


    There was no way Stephen was going to let the young rascal get away with it and he intended to give the lad the strict punishment he deserved.


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  • Information about Sting videos : Then there were Two!

    Posted on by Ward



    Sting have asked me to let their customers know that they will no longer be offering the 720p definition option to people buying their videos. In future Sting videos will be available in the following two formats:

    1080p Extra High Definition

    Standard Definition

    However, as in the pictures above and below, you will still have two great options for Spanking fun…

    The links to the 720p option will be removed from blogs in due course






  • Kevin’s Comeuppance


    Kevin’s Comeuppance
    Here is the first half of
    This movie follows on directly from Part One, which was posted here recently.
    In Part One, Kevin found out that Fraser had been cheating on his girlfriend, who happens to be Kevin’s sister. As punishment Kevin demands that Kevin take a spanking from Mr X (the community spanker).  Kevin had found it really funny to watch Fraser getting his bare bottom spanked!


    However, half way through Fraser’s punishment Kevin stops laughing when it is revealed that he has also been cheating on his own girlfriend, by signing up for an online dating agency.


    Kevin has been exposed as a hypocrite! Having previously cheated on his own girlfriend, how dare he be so judgemental on Fraser! Of course Fraser takes full advantage
    of this situation and decides to order the same punishment for Kevin that he has just received.

    This is nearly too much humiliation for Kevin to deal with. He really feels that he has no choice and reluctantly gets over the Mr X’s knee whilst Fraser looks on. 




    The roles are reversed, Fraser is now in charge, he gets to decide what happens to Kevin, and he plans to enjoy every minute!!



    The over the knee spanking starts and Kevin feel every hard spank, even through the seat of his jeans ! 



    Kevin’s bottom does not have that protection for long as, just like he insisted Fraser did before, Kevin is forced to strip down to his underwear. 


    Wearing just a pair of tight boxers, he gets back over Mr X’s knee


    The spanking continuous, but now only the thin cotton of his pants cover his tender bottom.


    The camera angles show Kevin getting spanked and Fraser’s delight in watching, all in the one delicious shot!





    Kevin’s humiliation is about to get even worse. Fraser reminds Mr X that he was Spanked on his bare bottom.
    So Kevin Deserves a bare bottom spanking too!


    Of course, Mr X agrees …


    Kevin is now stripped naked and about to get a well deserved bare bottom spanking which just like the one he had earlier insisted Fraser receive


    Kevin tries to cover his nakedness with his hands as he reluctantly moves towards Mr X


    However, he can not hide his bright red bare bottom, which is about to get a lot redder


    Fraser is now calling the shots, he gets to decide what happens to Kevin


    No matter how much he protests, Kevin is going to get what he deserves


    No spanking is complete without a long hard bare bottom spanking


    and that is just what Kevin gets, as a delighted Fraser watches the entertainment








    At last the over the knee spanking is over, but if Kevin and Fraser though their punishment was over, they are very much mistaken, as Mr X reminds them that they had both paid for the other to be whacked with the rubber soled gym shoe.


    There is no arguing with Mr X, the lads know they will have to take the whacking.



    Mr X gives both Kevin and Fraser a good whacking with the gym shoe




    The two lads will be sore for quite some time


    They will both think twice before cheating on their girlfriends in future.


    provided to respect the intellectual property rights of the creator
    these images


    Title 2257

  • Karl and Sebastian – Locker Room Thief – Part 1

    Straight Lads Spanked


    Footballer Karl has been stealing from his team mates
    up until now he has been getting away with it
    but his luck is about to run out


    Caught Red Handed! And Sebastian has photographic evidence proving Karl is
    the thief


    Football player Karl has been caught red handed stealing from the Locker Room.
    Team Captain Sebastian is not happy at all and decides to dish out an
    on the spot punishment!


    Sebastian takes young Karl over his knee and spanks his bottom! Sebastian
    starts off on Karl’s shorts
    then pulls them down and spanks him on his boxer shorts


    and then, finally on his bare bottom!



    Sebastain does not mess around and delivers a strong spanking from the beginning!


    Soon Karl’s bottom is very sore and very red …


    but the team captain just carries on spanking, determined to teach the
    young thief a lesson



    However, the day’s events are about to take a turn which neither player had
    To Be Continued in Part 2
    Mouse Spank Karl’s sore bottom, or CLICK HERE to visit
    Straight Lads Spanked

    More from SLS Producer Dave,
    was really fun getting Team Captain Sebastain back to do some more
    spanking and he wasn’t shy about dishing it out this time! I do hope
    you enjoy this movie as much as we all enjoyed making it
    Links provided to respect the intellectual property rights of the creator these images _


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