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  • Andrew Runs into Trouble

    This weekend’s update from BBFC finds Craig and Andrew out in the country. Starting with a slow timed run Andrew has to do some squats as punishment but his cheeky smile says that he is not phased by it.


    Craig on seeing this takes the lad to the nearest tree and stands him against it and soundly spanks his ass on his shorts.


    Craig gets the lad moving again and the two of them continue the run.

    The next pause is a chance for Andrew to do some press ups but he struggles and no way is Craig going to accept slow and strained press ups …


    … so he grabs Andrew by the ear and takes him over to a fallen tree and gets him OTK, first on the shorts and then on the bare ass.


    Andrews red bum is a glorious contrast to the sunny days and greenery in the forest.


    Once spanked and hoping that he has learned the lesson Craig sets off again at a jog with Andrew following on. The next stop and Andrew is told to do curls and is faking being exhausted, given away by his cheeky smile. 


    This time Craig sends him off to collect some nettles which Andrew is not happy about as he knows what’s next. 


    Once Craig has the nettles Andrew is lent up against a tree and his shorts and underwear are pulled down and Craig takes the first of many strokes with the nettles …


    Andrew has to reach down and hold his cock and balls as he has picked the longest nettles and the end of it is whipping round and stinging him there, a great double punishment.


    The nettles really sting and the pause now and then just to rub them across the lads ass make the effect even better. Standing there in in the sun rubbing his tingling butt Andrew has to dress and head off as Craig wants to get back to the gym.
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  • Straight Lads Spanked: Forest Nettle whipping (Part 2) Andy’s Revenge

    This movie follows directly on from Part One! Furious Andy Lee drags Liam through the forest to get his revenge! Shirtless Andy easily pick Liam up with one strong arm and proceeds to spank this leather clad bikers bottom! 

    Liam is protesting and wriggling around but Andy does not let go. Soon the leather trousers are ripped down. Andy grabs a fresh bunch of stinging nettles and Liam is helpless as Andy proceeds to thrash his bare butt with the nettles. 

    You can clearly see the effect this has on Liam’s smooth pale bottom. It does not stay milly white for long though as Andy continues to spank Liam’s already stung and throbbing cheeks hard and fast whilst wearing a leather clad glove! 

    Liam is left on the forest floor gasping fro breath and nursing a very sore bottom as Andy leaves. Revenge is sweet!



    On Liam’s tender fair skinned bottom a nettle rash will sting for hours!

  • Forrest Nettle Whipping – Extreme Spanking – Part One

    From Straight Lads Spanked: Andy is caught spying on the bikers girls in the Forrest. He is caught by one of the bikers, tied to a tree and flogged hard with a leather stranded whip! Things get even worse when he gets his bare bottom whipped with stinging nettles! The furious biker shows no mercy as he lays into Musclebound Andy’s quivering buttocks!

  • “Les Voleurs de Vin” (The Wine Thieves) – Video trailer

    Here as promised is the video trailer to accompany the latest Sting Download

      Karl Feels the Sting

    Alternatively a copy of the trailer can be downloaded from SendSpace by clicking here
    NOTE: When downloading from SendSpace click on the blue bar towards the bottom of the screen (see illustration below)
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  • Sting: “Les Voleurs de Vin” (The Wine Thieves)

    In the latest download“Les Voleurs de Vin” Sting returns to a theme they featured quite a few years ago. This new Gallic story set in the French countryside during summer follows the fortunes of Francois and his friend Nicholas. François (Damien Drake) has been pilfering from his uncle’s beloved collection of wines. Having obtained the odd bottle he often enjoyed the looted hooch with his friend Nicolas (New Sting model Karl Frazer)
    Having been quickly found out and caught red handed by the river Francois is sent home to wait for his Uncles punishment, while Nicolas is to be dealt with by his own very cross Uncle Pierre (Rusty) Nicolas is marched off in to the forest and is soon over his uncles knee getting a firm spanking.

    Back at his home young François is getting the same from his own Uncle.

    Pierre is a stickler for discipline and after spanking Nicholas decides to lay on a dose of the switch. This freshly cut instrument quickly produces some burning stripes on the lad’s bare bottom with him yelling in sorrow as a result.

    Back with Francois and his uncle the legendary Martinet is now out of the draw and swishing down on naughty François well raised bare backside. The leather thongs cut painfully in to the boy’s bare cheeks as he bucks and twists across the end of the bed.

    In the forest the stern Pierre has prepared the finale to Nicolas punishment. As the freshly cut green stinging nettles brush across his already well whipped bare backside poor Nicholas knows what to come. Thwack after thwack with the fresh bundle of nettles produces a pleading Nicolas who will do all he can in future not to encounter such a punishment again!

    Here then are two country boys who will no longer be known as The Wine Thieves. 


    the ever delightful Damien Drake ..

    … and new boy Karl Frazer, who received a really “stinging” introduction to Sting!

     Stinging nettles!!

  • Sting Lads – a focus on Jay (Part 2)

    Continuing the two part appreciation of popular sting lad Jay, in a further scene from Asian Incident, we find him naked and sore, at the stinging end of a cruel looking cane, in a very convincing punishment scene.

    In the 1900 House of Correction (Part of the Sting Double Bill) Jay, playing a Victorian youth, was back over a vaulting horse receiving another well deserved strapping.

    A sore bottom and film star good looks, a perfect combination

    Probably Jay’s most famous role was in Instruments of Persuasion Part 2 when playing a young French thief he received a bare bottom birching with a bunch of stinging nettles (OUCH!)

    A nettle rash like that will have stung for quite a while after the birching was over

    As Jays wonderful display of discomfort clearly testified

    Further images from the Nettle Birching can be found here

    Sadly all boys must grow up, and in Jay’s last role for Sting, in the download Approved Education Part One he switched roles and played a young school master handing out spankings and slipperings to two naughty schoolboys played by Ginger and Harry

    Jay gave a very competent performance in an unaccustomed role

    However, most of us fondly remember Jay as the nervous young miscreant with the nettle stung bottom!

    Jay has not appeared in any recent Sting movies, and may have now moved on to other things in life. However, whatever he is doing, I am sure we all wish him well, as he has given us a great deal of pleasure as one of the most delightful of the Sting Lads.

    Asian Incident
    Sting Double Bill
    Instruments of Persuasion Part 2
    Approved Education

    Sting at Mans Hand Films – (DVDs for US users)

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  • The Nettle Birching by – Sting Pictures

    Young and handsome Jay feels a sting in the tail (multiple stings in fact) in the infamous nettle birching scene from Instruments of Persuasion 2 by Sting Pictures.

    While Instruments of Persuasion Part 1 examined the the more usual instruments used to inflict corporal punishment, Instruments of Persuasion 2 looked at some of the imaginative and less common means of delivering a painful lesson to the bottom of a miscreant young man.

    In this instance the natural and painful sting of the wild nettle was put to good use on young Jay’s tender and bare behind. I have it on good authority that Jay’s bottom was still stinging many hours after this scene was shot.

    Nettle birchings were apparently common in France where this scene was set

    Instruments of Persuasion 2 (DVD)
    Instruments of Persuasion 2 (Download)
    Sting at Mans Hand (DVDs For US customers)

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