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  • Dirk had “Never Been Punished Before” – until he visited the Magic Spanking Factory

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    Never Been Punished Before
    JustMagic describes the circumstances behind this movie: I have known this straight lad for about three years now. We met by chance at a bar. He is not gay so was rather shocked when I told him that I make spanking films (Yes, I am very open and honest about this) with young guys. Although, as I say he was somewhat shocked he was very inquisitive. We met regularly and he was always asking if I’d made any new films, who was starring in them etc etc.

    Soon he started coming to the house for a drink and also met a few of the guys I spank during his visits.  It didn’t take long until he asked to see some clips. He was horrified!! I was a bit sad about this because I had noticed that this guy had a fantastic backside. You can imagine my amazement when last week he said that he would like to make a film! He left all the details completely up to me. His only specification was that he didn’t want his face to be seen. That though will soon change. Here is the clip.


    Dirk was in need of punishment and that is what he got. This clip shows newcomer Dirk being back whipped, belted and hand spanked. Bent over a table his pristine white back was a very welcome target for the whip. Soon his back was striped and glowing read. The punishment continued with a prolonged belting on his very tight grey jeans.


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  • Jonathon gets a “Very Red Bum” at the Magic Spanking Factory


    A Very Red Bum

    Although that perpetual naughty boy Jonathon lost his drivers license a few months ago he could not resist “borrowing” Stephen’s car. That was a very bad decision on his part.


    Not only did he drive the car without a license, but he also almost crashed it. He drove it recklessly hitting a high curb, which ruined the wheel and burst the tyre. The car had, of course, to be towed away to be repaired. (That by the way is a 100% true account of what actually happened. The evidence can be seen in the clip)


    There was no way Stephen was going to let the young rascal get away with it and he intended to give the lad the strict punishment he deserved.


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  • (Magic Spanking Factory) Amazing Alex – Taken Down a Peg

    By popular demand the Amazing Alex returns to the Magic Spanking Factory, and takes some very severe punishment, starting with a hand spanking, followed by a slippering, a belting and finally moving on to a hard caning 

    Giving the severe nature of the punishment Alex takes, which is harder than suitable for JockSpank, I have decided to post the last few pictures and the preview trailer at the back up blog Jock Spank 2 and can be viewed here at viewer discretion,   

    WARNING: Severe Content
     Please note the Following Warning by Just Magic

    VIEW THIS CLIP WITH AT YOUR OWN DISCRETION. You are able to view a lengthy  preview to ensure that nobody buys something they do not want to see. If you are offended by hard caning scenes please do not buy.
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  • A Very Hard Punishment at the Magic Spanking Factory

    Very Hard Punishment is a new and long awaited release from the Magic Spanking Factory

    I will leave it to Just Magic to describe this video

    Very Hard Punishment” — And HARD it was! Little Fooxy is caught smoking my cigarettes in my living room.

    I had warned him numerous times what would happen ig this ever happened again. The silly boy decided though that he knew best or perhaps he thought he could get away with it. Well he didn’t.

    Dragging him over my knee I start to thump his muscular little boy buttocks through his tight shorts. They are removed soon enough though and his grunting just gets louder and louder. I knew it would get even louder when I took my heavy leather belt to his sweet backside and Little Foxxy didn’t disappoint.

    With him now lying over the table I really whip his naked backside. He grunts and groans and writhes to avoid his inevitable and deserved beating. Throwing, at the end, my belt down I give him a last few very heavy swats with my hand. That will have taught him a lesson he sorely needed.

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  • Six with the Tawse then Caned

    Just Magic from the Magic Spanking Factory describes this video:

    In true traditional scottish manner Little Foxxy is given six strokes of the Lochgelly tawse on his outstretched hands. Despite being one of the best takers at the Factory his face just had a look of sheer terror and almost panic after the first strokes had done their dastardly deed. 

    Silly Little Foxxy had been burdened with loads of homework for calling his mathematics teacher a bastard. In days gone bye he would have been given a real thrashing for that kind of insolence but in today’s “enlightened” society that is no longer allowed. Fortunately though I am able to continue with the good old tradition of given miscreant boys the punishment they definitely need (and probably desire).

    I told him he was going to get six with the hard Lochgelly tawse and ordered him to get his hands up. The effects of such a tawse on unprotected hands is quite breathtaking. The pain is instant and long lasting. As I said the look on his face is well worth seeing. Because he used the “F” word at the end of his punishment I told him that he was going to be beaten with the cane. Six strokes each he got on his tight grey school shorts, on regulation tighty whities and the last six on his naked, pert buttocks.

    This was a punishment Little Foxxy will definitely remember. NOT TO BE MISSED!! 

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  • Sailor Boy Punished

    At the Magic Spanking Factory:  20 Year old Franz, a marine cadet, is waiting in his room for the inevitable punishment.
      Franz is chastised With a Japanese bamboo “brush” (for the want of a better description) he receives the first portion on his blue training shorts.

    Within a short space of time Franz starts to get quite frantic. When his shorts and underpants come down and he tries to protect his glowing buttocks but Just Magic warns him that he will get two hard strokes of the cane if he tries that again.

    Despite this Franz attempts it three times and his wriggling and moaning are testimony to the pain he was feeling.


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  • Snowhite in “Caned and Belted”

    Magic Spanking Factory: Snowhite, now a father of a six week old boy which he decided to call Jonathon funnily enough, came round to collect a good hard beating. Using a belt to warm his smooth buttocks up JustMagic soon had him moaning and groaning. When his shorts and underpants are removed his perfect globes reveal the severity of the ferocious belt whipping. 

    His punishment is finished off with twelve hard strokes of the cane. 

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  • Jonathon – Punished for Cheating Twice

     At the Magic Spanking Factory Jonathon is in trouble and JustMagic explains why:

    Schoolboy Jonathon arrives home from school and is not looking very happy. When he hands me a letter from his headmaster I soon realise why. The urchin was caught cheating at his mathematics exam!
    I was of course very angry at Jonathon putting the family name to such shame…



      He knew of course what was coming. I ordered him to his room telling him to wait on me coming down. While Jonathon sat on his bed waiting he thought he would now cheat ME! 

     He pulled on three extra pairs of underpants and was quite pleased with himself as he was convinced his ruse would work.

     When I entered his room Jonathon was still in his grey shorts and sitting on his bed. Pulling him over my knee I start by giving him a long hard hand spanking. I did note that his shorts were tighter than usual but thought nothing of it. His continual moaning and groaning was of course just him acting.
      He probably didn’t feel anything through his shorts and FOUR pairs of underpants.
     Then Jonathon’s luck ran out! ..I told him to stand up and drop his shorts, intending to finish off his beating with six strokes of the cane.


     After caning him I decide to give a few more slaps. That is when I discover that Jonathon is wearing multiple underpants. I intend to teach him a lesson he will never forget.
     On each if his underpants he receives another six stinging strokes with the cane. Now he is not faking the pain I can assure you!

     Finally he’d run out of underpants


      After his underwear (all of it) has been removed I order him to lie naked on the bed. The lashing with the cane continues until the wretched boy begs to me stop punishing his well marked buttocks.
      I agree that has had enough on his buttocks but surprise him by pulling his legs up and backwards exposing the most intimate part of the boy’s bottom.

     The biting strokes he receives between his cheeks evokes loud screams of pain.

     WARNING! This clip contains very graphic views of Jonathon’s anus.

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  • Keiko Spanked to Tears.

     As described by Just Magic from The Magic Spanking Factory:

    Meet “Keiko” my adopted son. Keiko is 19 years old and of Thai – American descent. I decided to adopt him because I am convinced that with strict discipline he will become a pillar of society and have a very bright future.

    Unfortunately that target is still a long way off and serious attention will have to be paid to his upbringing and education. There will be no slipping back into his old lazy and slovenly ways and his behavior will be corrected by thrashings to ensure correctness.

    The kind of problems the debauched boy confronts me with you can witness in this clip. Arriving home unexpectedly I find the urchin sitting on the couch with his shorts open and him all hot and bothered. Spying the cover of a disgusting magazine on which he is sitting I confront him with what the situation suggests.

    He does of course denies any wrong doing. I am, quite understandably, infuriated. Here I am doing my best for the boy and he has nothing better to do than to look at worthless porn! I decide there and then that he will get the first taste of the discipline which will accompany him as long as his feet are under my table.

    Pulling him over my knee I give him a hard spanking on his tight jeans shorts. Determined that he should realise the seriousness of his mistake I soon remove the shorts to spank him on his y-fronts. His moaning does not stop me from ordering him to get naked for a good belting. Regardless of how humiliated he is the belt lashes across his smooth young buttocks. When I think he has had enough I leave him to contemplate his dirty behavior. The ensuing tears will cut no ice with me I can promise you that. He probably realised that he is now under strict scrutiny and that many more and probably even harder beatings will be to follow.

    Video trailer 

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  • Jonathon – Beaten for Watching Porn

    As an extra treat, here is JockSpank’s third helping of bad boy Jonathon this week. In Beaten for Watching Porn  He has as usual been very naughty, and, as usual, he gets just what he deserves.  I will hand over to his father figure, Just Magic to describe the scene!….

    Nasty, nasty Jonathon was watching the most disgusting porn on the internet when I sneaked into his room and caught him. My timely intervention probably saved the urchin from a vile session of depraved, frantic masturbation. Wearing only a thin, tight and shiny pair of shorts he had already started to stimulate himself and was almost ready to begin soiling himself. Luckily I was there to prevent the catastrophe!

    I was not going to let him get away with his depraved behavior and grabbing a slipper I pulled him over my knee. His juicy buttocks could be seen shimmering through the thin fabric of his shiny shorts and made an almost perfect target for the wicked slipper. Boys of his age should not be watching porn on the internet and I was determined that he would pay for his filthy habit. Blow after blow rained down on his taut bottom and his howling did not deter me from delivering even more severe blows. The glowing hue of his perfect buttocks which I was greeted with after pulling down his shorts convinced me I was doing the right thing. After continuing the spanking with the slipper I told the boy to lay on the bed. He drew some comfort from the fact that he could at least hug his teddy bear while the strap now more than hugged his sore bottom. Ordering him to get his bottom in the air and his shoulders down on the bed he was in an extremely exposed and embarrassing position. Again and again the strap hit his exposed buttocks, a couple of times even hitting the most intimate part of the shameless boy’s body.  JM

    Video trailer 
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