Magic Spanking Factory: Meet Naughty Brian

Meet Naughty Brian

Great to be Back!

Especially with this very, very naughty blond guy. Three bottles of sprits a week! At his age. Unbelievable.And various other misdemeanors, I may add. He certainly deserved the punishment he got. If you like smooth, hairless, juicy buttocks then you will definitely love this. This film shows his initially pale, white skin gaining a red hue by the minute and offers extremely graphic views of his most hidden parts.

I’m sure you will love Brian.

P.S. Sorry about my open zipper. Doesn’t mean a thing! 🙂


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5 Responses to Magic Spanking Factory: Meet Naughty Brian

  1. How nice to see, that good old Scotsman Stephen is still alive and spanking (open zipper or not)!

  2. Avatar Stephen
    Stephen says:

    Did I read the word “old”??
    Komme du mir nach hause Horst!!!

    • Avatar Ritchie
      Ritchie says:

      Hello Stephen, my favourite models in your productions were Philip and Tony…so gorgeous 🙂

      • Avatar Stephen
        Stephen says:

        Would love to have made more clips with Philip. Tony I still see regularly. He helps in the garden and is the proud father of three children.