Magic Spanking Factory: Meet Yichen

Magic Spanking Factory: Meet Yichen

Yichen is a charming and quirky 22 year old Asian lad who is in very deep water and now awaits his punishment.

Already sitting in the punishment room and holding the cane about to deliver the hard strokes, he is looking very nervous indeed. He does not have to wait long though. The executor of punishment arrives and tells him to hand over the cane and to strip to his underpants. The poor lad has to lie on the bed and gets his wrists firmly bound. His underpants are removed revealing a very smooth pert bottom and his feet are also bound. Lying face down, spread eagle and naked poor Yichen awaits the first stroke. Taking a few practice strokes we can hear the typical loud “SWISH” as the cane cuts through the air. Who only knows what the lad is feeling at that moment…..


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WARNING : severe content



The first hard stroke lashes down on Yichen’s exposed and naked bottom. Almost instantly the youth greets the fiery stroke with a loud AAAUUU. The caning continues with each stroke hitting it’s naked target and producing hot red stripes and a pitiful groan from the victim of this cruel punishment. The last five strokes he has to count off. Barely able to catch his breath the task is eventually completed. He buries his face in the bed and sheds a few tears, probably tears of relief that his ordeal is over.

Yichen is untied and ordered to stand in the corner to contemplate what has just happened to him.

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2 years ago

Although utterly accustomed to time-honoured training through taking trouserless-tail-torments time and time again,
like all knaves in his practically-prehistoric peasant province get it good and often on the bare whenever any elder male sees fit to flog filial or flunky fanny for any fault or flaw, and poor peasants all their life, like his parents, party officials having inherited the pitiless privileges of mandarins,
hence he hesitated not to sign a contract containing CP clauses,
the fifthborn farmboy still feels fairly fucked as those weird Westerners conduct spanking sessions so soullessly, secluded, opposed to the praised patriarchal punitive procedure practice of proper posterior-punishment, proclaiming precisely the prescribed paining for peccadilloes, pantsing the poor peasant-pup and pounding it pitilessly in peers’ presence for ‘pedagogical’ purposes,
this feels like losing a foppish frat bet!