Very Naughty Jonathon

Jonathon shocked his dad completely by using uncouth language to describe that iconic artist Michelangelo. His father, being a culture vulture, was flabbergasted when his son called Michelangelo a “cocksucker”! When Jonathon then told his father that he “didn’t give a fuck” about using bad language his father finally had had enough…

Seconds later dad had his heavy leather belt in his hand and ordered Jonathon to stand up against the bookcase. In unbelievably tight shorts Jonathon’s bottom was soon reaping the benefits of a hard belting.

Suddenly Jonathon is pulled over his father’s knee and the beating continues with strict hand spanking. Jonathons shorts show up the form of his buttocks extremely well and his father’s hand has no problem finding the juicy target.

When the shorts come down and Jonathon is exposed only wearing thin tighty whities the slaps increase in intensity as does Jonthon’s howling and begging for his dad to stop.

The boy’s torment is finally brought to an end after his naked buttocks are soundly spanked before being treated to a good long portion of cuts with a swishy peeled cane.

 This is a classic Jonathon clip and the intro I think will make you laugh out loud.

9 Responses to Very Naughty Jonathon

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    Anonymous says:

    Love these posts. Can’t tell you how great Jonathon is. I was wondering, would it be possible to repost the ones that got deleted when Magic Spanking Factory went down? That would be unbelievably awesome of you.

    As always, great work!

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    Anonymous says:

    jajaja,muy,pero muy bueno!!!este chico es una delicia,y con morisquetas y todo jajaja!!!

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    Anonymous says:

    Jonathon tratando de oponerse ha su padre en un castigo???!!!
    Wooow,que interesante!!ésto se ve divertido,me gustan los crios rebeldes!!…y tratándose de este pastel…mmmmhh,una verdadera delicia,GRACIAS!!

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    Anonymous says:

    Me gusta!!!este nene es exquisito!!

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    Anonymous says:

    Good for you Jonathon you say what you want, what a beautiful bum he has he should moon Stephen and tell him that he is the daddy now.

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    Anonymous says:

    jajajaja,el niño se burla de papá???jajaja menos mal que éste no le vió jajaja!!!,divertido,gracias!!!

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    Anonymous says:

    That was very funny too hear jonathon swearing more of that bad boy attitude please.

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    Anonymous says:

    I do wish that Jonathon would not sunbathe or go on tanning beds any more. It is very bad for him.