Training 4 Boys : A New Punishment For Scott

A New Punishment For Scott

Scott is pulled by the ear by his Master who’s determined to give the boy a long and excruciating punishment. Scott is first tawsed on his hands with a wooden paddle, then comes the actual punishment:

While Master is sitting on a chair and the boy is lying on his legs, Scott gets severely spanked with the painful wooden paddle, first on his pants, then on his boxer shorts and finally on his bare ass.


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The paddling is followed by Master’ signature hand spanking. Master grabs the bamboo whisk and punishes the boy’s hands. Following, Scott is made bend over the floor and keep his legs apart, ready to receive a series of floggings with the chasen, before his bare buttocks are tormented by Master’s sound spankings. For this part

Master wants to be more comfortable and sits on the sofa; then Scott positions himself prone across the sofa and Master’s legs, with his dick hanging between them while rubbing against the sofa. Scott gets first severely bashed with the belt he’s chosen; then, he’s also soundly hand-spanked on the ass and on his thighs too.

Scott tries hard to show he is insensitive to the pain he’s getting, but fails miserably. After choosing a wooden spoon from among a series of tools yet unused, Scott is once again laid down on the sofa across Master’s legs, to be severely paddled with the spoon on the buttocks and the thighs, before being harshly hand spanked: a tormenting sequence that puts his resistance to test.

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