The Votes Are In!

In the latest video by Doctor Skelpz Barry receives a punishment voted for by his fans, as Doctor Skelpz describes below:

You may recall that Barry missed a shoot a few months ago. Stinglads members were invited to suggest forms of punishment then a vote was taken.Unfortunately, Barry became unwell and was unable to take his punishment at that time.

Well, I’m pleased to report (Barry was less than thrilled) that the young scallywag is fully recovered and fit for punishment.First Barry reads the results of the poll then he experiences the chosen punishment.


 Barry strips Naked
 First Some Corner time
 Then over the couch for a caning

 Some more corner time

 Then back over the couch!

 That one stung!!

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8 Responses to The Votes Are In!

  1. Wow, lovely Barry, he is like a male version of me, I am young, female, beautiful and mixed race. LOL

  2. Barry has always been one of my favourite Sting models. He is gorgeous and has a superb arse.

  3. Barry’s going to have some fun nursing those welts. ;-0)

  4. Avatar Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    i can’t tell whether Barry looks better doing corner time or getting whacked with the cane! the whole idea of a strong tuff thug displaying his scorched backside in the corner with his hands on his head like a naughty schoolboy is so hot. add some ear pulling and this would be an A+

  5. Avatar Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Love him to sit on my face gorgeous.

  6. Avatar Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    I always fancied Barry so fit. I forget to visit the sting lads google group I would have voted otk like the set Dr Skelpz posted to BMBW blog also Dr does a great job of keeping that group updated. amen to him

  7. Barry deserves the martinet bara ass