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4 years ago

This is hot. I imagine this boy getting an initial solid spanking, then made to sit on the hard piano stool to play a complicated piece while his tutor looms over him with a stern eye. Of course ,the boy can’t get through the piece without messing up several times, so back over the knee he goes again for another painful hand spanking, then sent to the corner for 30 minutes. Back at the piano, he nervously tries to play, but his big clumsy fingers keep hitting the wrong keys so he is pulled by the ear back over Sir’s knee for a stinging set with the bath brush, then back into the corner. This routine goes on throughout the day and the big muscle boy’s butt is heavily marked up by the time his father comes home that evening. He finds his son kneeling in the corner and his tutor briefs him on the boy’s poor skills, so father takes him in hand and spanks his already sore bottom while the tutor sits back and enjoys the boy’s pleads and hollers.