The Bike Thief – Video trailer

More images and a video trailer from the newest Sting download. “Tales from the Headmaster’s study (Episode 3) The Bike thief“, staring Damien Drake and Marco 

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The full sized video can be purchased from Sting at the following link

Sting: Tales from The Headmaster’s Study – (Episode 3) The Bike Thief

 There is a link to the Sting 18.USC.2257 declaration in the right hand column of this blog

12 Responses to The Bike Thief – Video trailer

  1. hoooooooot.

  2. Sting I know your reciving a lot of negative comments lately but STAY TRIUMPHANT.

    • I believe the negative comments are coming from one person, who keeps calling for “modern themes” but when Sting gave us guys in 2012 style sports gear in No Stars Just Stripes didn’t have the good grace to leave a comment.

      The trouble with anonymous comments is that one person can pretend to be a crowd.

  3. Thankfully the comments are so obviously ridiculous that nobody believes them anyway. I just wish the (one) person would grow up and at least try and behave like an adult.

  4. Who you think you are I ain’t write nothing this stuff isn’t me I not been leaving comments no more since my last time you may not believe me but I do visit this blog often would you be happy if I try create an account to comment ill even post a pic of me just to prove that it’s not me I don’t comment much but when someone is gonna pin me for something I haven’t done that’s not fair if I bit keen I just move on now okay

    • Hi Anon 23, What did you think of “No Stars Just Stripes”? Was that more your thing? The actors were in modern sports clothing?

  5. Sting are THE BEST and this one is SO good. I think I’m in love with Damien Drake

    • I agree with you fully on both counts Damien Drake is adorable with his boyish looks and super cheeky smile they always have great looking models

  6. Hi ward I thinks it’s ok I mean not really my theme I’m more into Dr Skeplz work but I’m sure a lot of people will enjoy it I did like stings film a while back the governers prinsoner

  7. I more into scally lads I’m not into the whole sting dress up theme for me I like them to be in Trackies etc prolly just the rude boi in me 🙂

    • The Dr Skelpz movies are released though Sting on a guest director subsidiary basis, so Sting are catering for the “scally lad” / “Rapper gang” market and will continue to. However, they also have their long term fans who enjoy stories set in the 1950’s, such as the tales from the Headmaster’s study series.

      I know Dr Skelpz and Barry are working on a new movie at the moment. So there will be more which appeals to you soon.

  8. 🙂