14 Responses to The 12 days of (a Spanking) Christmas – Photoshopped by Mark

  1. yes thank you Mark! Can you direct us to the image(s) the head shot is from? Also, the spanker and spankee head shots from http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-DPlCVvb-Iis/UpzR-abLhjI/AAAAAAAAo3U/IW9ZhZ9QmS8/s1600/Jockspank_Christmas.jpg ?

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  3. Thank you very much for the early Christmas present! It was exactly what I wanted! And just the right color!

  4. Incredible work as always. It is such a pleasure to visit JockSpank at the beginning of the month

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    Anonymous says:

    you are truly a master at photoshop-

  6. Excellent, excellent! What a treat. Beautifully done. Thanks.

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    Cat Woman says:

    What a beautiful Christmas “tail”, far better than leaping Lords and Geese a’ laying

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    Anonymous says:

    What a sweet x-mas story! 😉

    Blackfield II

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    Absolutely wonderful work Mark!


  10. Brill, brill, brill. The Preacher scene, with the pulpit labelled ‘Until he comes’! Brilliant

  11. loved the green socks–very horny- hehe

  12. Thanks everyone for your generous expressins of appreciation. Glad somebody noticed the carved message in the preacher scene! It cracked me up when I found it. Be on the lookout for the 2014 calender sometime in January (most likely later rather than sooner as these things are beginning to be pretty time consuming!

  13. THANK YOU, Mark for this incredibly HOT Christmas present!! Your work is always excellent, and never fails to inspire!!

  14. Always liked this Christmas song… but I must say this versión is awsome!!!