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  • MancSpank : Bullies 1

    MancSpank : Bullies 1

    The pictures from this 2011 video are reposted by request

    (Still available via Clips4Sale)

    Jackson is called to the headmaster’s office. He’s been fighting in PE class and will get a good spanking before his planned caning later that day. The punishment starts out with a spanking over the headmaster’s knee. When Jackson by accident swears from the pain, his shorts come down for a bare bottomed spanking over the head’s knee. After a well earned spanking Jackson’s instructed to move to the corner for a while to think about his behaviour. Later that day, he returns for the caning he was promised earlier. Bent over a gym horse, this young man gets his first taste of the cane. If that can help him to obey and not to fight, we’ll just have to do that! Next up: Bullies II, where we meet the other bully and see him get what he deserves!


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