Student Discipilne-Craig Gets Spanked! More images

Some more hot images of handsome blond student Craig getting his firm young bottom spanked in Student Discipilne-Craig Gets Spanked! by
Click here for some more images and a video trailer which I posted earlier this week.

NOTE: Student Discipilne-Craig Gets Spanked! is now also available from Clips4Sale




Student Discipline – Craig gets spanked is also available at Clips4Sale

There is a link to the CP4Men 18.USC.2257 declaration in the right hand column of this blog

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yvan 125
12 years ago

Wow! It’s a real treat to spank such a nice and smooth butt. Craig looks very smart, humble and subdued in his well fit grey shorts. How come he has such well shaped and hairless thighs and legs? By the way, what did he act up to deserve such a well and spanking by the Headmaster? I would like to get in touch with him. Thanks

11 years ago

Craig’s great good looking, rounded butt, should had been bared before the spanking started. None of that over the shorts, he needed a good lesson to be taught to him and a good bare butt spanking all the way would do that!

Bare that butt, next time Craig before the spanking starts!