Strictop’s preview edit, RYM – “Storefront Spanking”

I just watched this new story from Reluctant Young Men (“Storefront Spanking”). I must say, it’s one of Rich’s better efforts.

I love this model. He’s a large, muscular, 24-year-old straight guy jock-type with a big, square ass that is just the right combination of muscle, bounce, and jiggle.

Rich lowers the young man’s briefs, forcing him to stand exposed in front of a window open to a busy street, wondering if anyone can see him. The young man takes a long, hard hand spanking that makes his butt bright red and just starting to bruise! Rich continues with an intense dose of the ruler and then straps him vigorusly while he lies on his belly on a table.

Finally, Rich takes him over his lap for a prolonged and blistering dose of the hairbrush. The young man soon forgets about anyone seeing him through the window as he gasps and moans in pain, writhes on Rich’s lap, and his perfect bubble butt turns an angry shade of red.

This is the real deal.


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9 years ago

naught boy