Straight Lads Spanked: Josef Spanked For Fighting

Straight Lads Spanked: Josef Spanked For Fighting

Josef is an unlucky exchange student, who has been getting into a lot of trouble recently

In a previous episode at Straight Lads Spanked young Josef got into bother with strict landlord Mr Roberts for smoking in the house, and ended up getting a good spanking for it.

Poor Josef finds himself in hot water again when he gets into a fist fight with another lad on his football team who told him to go home. Mr Roberts, although sympathetic to his young lodger’s cause, doesn’t hold with fighting, and he announces that he is going to have to punish him again…. and this time it’s going to be with his trusty slipper!

Sitting down on Josef’s bed, he takes the lad over his knee and begins to spank the seat of his shorts with his hand, and then the hard sole of the slipper. He has promised Josef’s coach that he would deal with the lad, and deal with him he shall!

If Josef thought that he was going to get away with a spanking on his shorts, however, Mr Roberts soon demonstrates that he has got another think coming! The infuriated landlord pulls down the lad’s shorts and the smacks continue on Josef’s tight blue pants. Josef wriggles, pleads and protests, but Mr Roberts is determined to teach his young lodger that arguments are not solved by fighting!

Draped over Mr Roberts’ knee, Josef apologises time and again, but his words fall on deaf ears. Mr Roberts wants to drive home the message that actions have consequences, and the consequences for Josef are going to be a painful and humiliating spanking on his bare bottom!

Ignoring the lad’s protests, he stands him up and pulls down his pants, before putting him back over his knee to continue the punishment. The smacks rain down on Josef’s bare buttocks, and it’s not long before that slipper has the lad whimpering. With what looks like a practiced hand, and a well worn slipper, you can’t help but suspect that Josef isn’t the first naughty lad to have ended up getting his bottom warmed over Mr Roberts’ knee!

His host tells Josef that there will be 10 final smacks on his bare bottom, which he asks him to count out, but whether because of nerves, or an unfortunate spot of trouble with counting in English, Josef loses track and Mr Roberts has to start all over again!

By the time his punishment is over, Josef is left rubbing a very sore red rear end…. and with a whole new understanding of his landlord’s zero-tolerance approach to fighting. We can only hope that this hot-headed youth realises how fortunate he is to have a landlord who is prepared to take a firm hand with him to keep him out of trouble when he is far from home!

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