Straight Lads Spanked – Fighting Builders

Andy & Bailey – In Trouble Again

Builders – Fighting at Work (Andy & Bailey)


Andy and Bailey, long time best friends have fallen out! Andy has taken Bailey’s tools and Bailey has been caught sending sms phone messages to Andy’s girlfriend!

They ended up brawling at work! The client walked in and found the beefy lads punching each other and as a result cancelled the building contract!

The builders boss, Mr Smith has decided to send them to see Mr X to be punished………
“Get Over My Knee!”

“Please, don’t do this”!

Spanked Hard!

Over The Knee for Bailey

Those boxers are coming down Andy!

The hard spanking continues on the floor

Bailey Struggling & Kicking!

Bailey Spanking Andy!
Unhappy lads

Andy Really Spanks Bailey Hard!

The builders are back!
Like you have never seen them before!!!!

This brand new mm spanking movie features Andy and Bailey getting hard over the knee hand spankings from Mr X. The spankings are delivered hard and fast and both lads really struggle to take them…

Mr X decides that if Andy and Bailey are so keen on hitting each other, they can do it properly! Mr X orders Bailey to spank Andy! Bailey really vents all his anger and frustration and spanks his buddy hard!

Big Mistake!

Bailey never thought that the tables would be turned and that he would then have to submit to going over his best mates knee……

More from Mr X:

I wanted to go back to the beginning and have the builders back with Mr X. It was a joy to be able to film these guys with my new cameras. Having the added twist of these guys spanking each other was a last minute idea. The spankings were hard and real. We finally get Andy and Bailey spanking each other



The Lads from Straight Lads Spanked are also in solo action at:

(NOTE: as the title suggests Straight Lads Wank is not a spanking studio)

4 Responses to Straight Lads Spanked – Fighting Builders

  1. Avatar Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Both Bailey and Andy are very hot but…their videos are beginning to feel like they don’t vary much at all. The same positioning of both standing in front of a doorway, the same chair, the same camera angles. The onlything that changes is the quickly disregarded costumes.

    • That only applies in the stories where they are sent to Mr X for punishment. You obviously haven’t seen the “Wait Till your father gets home” series, “Bailey’s Bath Brush Blues” or “Bailey Bullies Apprentice”, they are very different from what you describe.

      The scenes featuring Mr X follow a formula to some degree, but that is part of the fun.

    • Hi, I am aware that the Mr X series of films do follow a format. I never imagined though that using the same chair, for example, would be an issue for some people. If somebody has been sent to see Mr X then it will be filmed in Mr X’s house using his furniture and so on… What I have always tried to do though is to make sure that I never repeat the same ‘spanking’ for any of the guys. In this instance, for example, the spanking that Mr X dishes out to the builders is by far harder than previous spankings! Andy can barely take it! We also have the new element of Andy & Bailey spanking each other which has been something I have been asked for repeatedly right from the very beginning! ……..

      Here is some of the feedback I have received so far about his new movie over on my blog

      “”This is way beyond AWESOME… Spanking action brought to a whole new level!…
      Andy, Bailey: NOBODY has EVER come close to such raw/exciting/hot spanking performance… What a power workout, I guess you could’ve skipped the gym that day !?… You two are the Champs!… hands-down (hard!) :-)))””

      “”I think I like this one the most.””

      “”All the other comments pretty much say it all. These two guys are amazing. Seeing them spanked OTK is as hot as it gets. But it’s particularly great seeing them spank each other. The end works so well because both guys are so serious about it. If they were just kidding around it wouldn’t be nearly as hot. For some reason, Andy is my favorite spankee and Bailey is my favorite spanker. So (clearly) this clip has made me a happy customer!
      Congrats to all. Especially Andy.

  2. Avatar Spankedboy
    Spankedboy says:

    Andy & Bailey spanking each other! Wow! Biggest turn on, sexiest guys. The only thing that could be better would be Andy & Bailey both spanking me!