Sting: Where’s Your Homework? (in 4K)

Where’s Your Homework? (in 4K)

Continuing Sting’s October college days theme and to gauge interest they used the cinema cameras from their other operation to give you a 4K Ultra High definition spanking video.

In this little story Miller (Austin Cook) has yet again forgotten or deliberately not done his homework. His cocky and lazy approach to his education means he really needs to be brought down a peg or two. His Housemaster, appalled at this cheeky young man’s attitude, decides to put him over his knee for a spanking.



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Dr van Spanking
2 years ago

Isn’t this just absolutely the one we’ve all been waiting for! Young Austin in his very own naughty schoolboy scenario! And with those youthful looks and boyish physique he’s just perfect for those school discipline settings that Sting does so well!

Austin radiates attitude and we all know what has to happen to boys like that – they really do have to have it well and truly smacked out of them! And he gets t hot and heavy, this time with Rob’s hard hand! There is no better way to take a cheeky, bratty young lad down a peg or two than by laying him over your knee for a good smacked bottom! It isn’t just about the actual spanking – it’s about the psychological dimensions of this position that says to a boy “You’re still young enough for this, my lad!” One of my own naughty boys, the first time he was laid over my knee (the first time he’d ever been laid over the knee) said he couldn’t believe how humiliating it felt! He’d felt his face go bright red as he laid across my knee in a very submissive fashion! So it’s a joy to see Austin spanked in this position knowing how it can make a young lad feel!

We haven’t, I think, seen Rob for a few clips’ worth of time so, as Austin’s punishment progresses through the shorts (I’d still like to see a good six to eight inches sliced off those), coloured underpants and bare bottom stages, it’s great to see him disciplining a boy again and with all his customary vigour and thoroughness! A spanking from Rob always looks like a truly awesome punishment, and it shows in Austin’s pain-contorted, almost tearful face as he stands against the door, his well-smacked, perky little bottom red and smarting like merry FCUK!
One thing – is it just my imagination or are Austin’s knix getting briefer each time we see him? He started off with light grey trunks – a bit long for my taste – and last week, he had on a much shorter pair that were just the perfect length for spankingwear! If this trend continues, maybe we can look forward to the ultimate treat of seeing him laid over the knee in a pair of briefs?

Doctor Caine
Doctor Caine
2 years ago

Excellent that Sting are going down this road but there again they are the leaders when it comes to production quality. I have a recently bought 4K TV and mischievous Master Austin is the perfect choice to start, the pictures are crystal clear and rich in colour.