Sting: Video Preview for Just What the Doctor Ordered

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One Response to Sting: Video Preview for Just What the Doctor Ordered

  1. Please can I give a plug to this video here at Jock Spank? I myself am gobsmacked (as opposed to bum-smacked like young James, haha!) This film was made at my personal request and with my own input, as a follow-up to a previous ‘Sports Report’ when James was threatened with the cane if he was caught smoking again! And this time he gets it – not half! Sting have truly dome me proud!

    Domonic and James are at some of the best I’ve ever seen them here! Domonic’s anger is truly scary, while poor James is at his most wonderfully submissive! His expressions when he has to collect the cane and when he catches sight of the slipper say that he realises only too well what his impending punishment is going to do to him!

    James wears those short white nylon shorts extremely spankably and when he bent over the chair in them in the classic naughty schoolboy position for discipline, I just longed to be able to lift him out of the film and thrash his pert, cheeky bottom myself! As Domonic moves the boy’s shirt out of the way, we get a glimpse of what colour underpants James is wearing – navy-blue, one of my all-time favourite colours for spankingwear and exactly what I’d been hoping for! Seeing the waistband of a boy’s underpants when he is bent over is the next best way of finding out what colour he’s wearing, short of seeing him take his trousers off! We can also see that James is wearing briefs – third time for him. We have seen a few boys smacked in briefs at Sting lately, including the delectable Finn and then the two little rascals in ‘Saw times ahead’. I particularly appreciate this – while I love to see a boy spanked in good brief boxer-briefs, the way proper brief briefs frame a boy’s bottom and thighs make them the optimum garment to be worn as punishment underpants!

    The caning is clearly a severe one, judging by James’ facial expressions and the flexing of his legs after each hard stroke – some of that is probably down to involuntary muscle and nerve responses. When he has to take his shorts off and be caned on his pants, it’s interesting to see that the cane leaves quite noticeable marks across the seat of them! It sort of makes you think ‘Imagine what it’s doing to his bottom!’ It was a major turn-on, when James had to take his briefs off, to see some clear tan-lines – obviously the lad has been toasting his beautiful, lithe young body in the sun and doing so in some nice brief swimming-briefs!

    The corner-time gives our naughty boy a respite, but doesn’t he just SO wrong-foot it when he thinks it’s over and goes and puts his pants back on! He is clearly astounded when he realises that ‘we’re not done yet, young man!’ and finds himself about to be spanked with that large, hefty-looking slipper! I love the ear-pulling that goes on in this film and particularly at this point where Domonic takes the lad by his ear and lays him over his knee! It brought back a memory for me of being pulled up off a teacher’s knee by my ear and manhandled into the corner after I’d had my backside smacked hard and very thoroughly, over the knee, in front of the class!

    I never tire of seeing young James being laid over the knee, or any other young lad, for that matter – to me it is the most favourable position for a spanking and all the moreso when the boy in question is wearing dark-blue briefs! James always looks like spanking perfection in this most humiliating posture! It is noticeable that the boy is much more vocal during this spanking than on many other occasions when he has been getting smacked! And his reactions to the slippering that is being laid on seem completely genuine! I have an idea about this, born of painful personal experience! As a schoolboy, on the frequent occasions I was caned, the school always informed my guardian, as they did all parents. I would go home to be laid across my guardian’s knee and smacked on my underpants with his wicked-looking size 13 plimsoll! The SMACK! of a slipper is painful enough at the best of times but when it is administered over thin cotton briefs, and you already have red weals across your bum left over from the attentions of a horribly whippy and SUPPLE cane, the burn is intense and it never failed to make me yelp loudly! I find it small wonder that James’ pain-induced gasps come thick and fast while he is being spanked on his red-striped bottom! And amazingly, although his legs flinch under the impact of the slippering, he does actually manage to keep them straight as he has been told to do! The difference between me and James is that if I’d been getting caned and spanked the way he is here, my cock would have been standing on end like the Leaning Tower of Pisa! It was my invariable reaction to corporal punishment, even, oddly enough, when I was being strapped on the hand instead of getting disciplined on the bottom!

    James’ spanking is rounded off with twenty-four press-ups, a different form of physical punishment for boys, to which I was subjected myself as a youngster. I requested the ‘two dozen’, because it is a number traditionally associated with corporal punishment, especially naval floggings and Victorian prison whippings! Quite subtle but it definitely makes a point to all in the know! In the previous ‘Sports Report’ where James was spanked over Marco’s knee for smoking, he wore his shorts for the press-ups – making him do them on this occasion in his underpants provided a brilliant contrast, and I think maybe a little bit of spanking-studio history has been made here! I have never seen a boy doing press-ups in underpants or get a smack on the bottom during them in a clip from any of the fantastic spanking-film studios I follow and support – so, congratulations, Sting!

    That last spank with the slipper as naughty young James is sent on his way is a massive turn-on! With the relief of his punishment over, it was no doubt a humiliation to the boy to have to present his bottom for a last SPANK! and it is obvious that it is sharp and painful, doubtless rekindling some of the agony that just might have started to abate a little!

    I am aware that the film is very much a reflection of my personal tastes where spanking is concerned, but I hope there will be something for everybody in it. Thank you to Rasputin for his kind comments!

    I would like to end with a huge thank you to Sting for the privilege of referring to me in the title of this amazing clip and giving me credit elsewhere! I did not have any expectation that it would have had any other title beyond another ‘Sports Report’, so I am just, again, totally gobstruck by the title! Thank you to everybody who made this possible: to the Richard and Jonathan for their superb filming, to Domonic for an unparalleled performance as an angry coach, and to James for taking so much – the lad got a severe punishment that very obviously took it out of him! Thank you so very much James, my boy, – I hope you’ve been able to sit down again by now! Many thanks, too, to Bruce for his patience and kindness in facilitating my correspondence with Sting about the film and dealing with the issues caused by communication between more than one country! Thank you, thank you all, Sting!

    Cliff van Spanking