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Dr van Spanking
2 years ago

Having not seen young Richard for a little while, it is a real joy to watch him getting his beautifully rounded bottom well and truly thrashed again!

The Stinglads’ wardrobe contains some wonderfully spankable pairs of short shorts, and one of the things I love about this time of year with Sting is that they tend to get a good airing. Richard particularly suits the pair he’s wearing in this clip and while I love seeing the little scamp smacked on his underpants, it was an interesting touch of authenticity to see the no-underpants-under-PE-shorts rule being enforced with this naughty boy! The weals left across Richard’s bare bottom by the cane are an eloquent testimony to its effectiveness as an instrument of punishment when disciplining a boy who isn’t wearing briefs under his sports shorts!

It was a real treat to watch Richard being bent over the raised knee and severely spanked! The position offers the best of both worlds – the boy is good and properly bent over for smacking, at the same time having the special humiliation of being laid over the knee – the very best position for a spanking!