Sting: Time Will Tell

Time Will Tell

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Stealing a watch from the Headmaster’s study does not go well for Luke. British guest model Alex Faux plays the hapless lad who is discovered up to no good in this short story. Now he has some explaining to do but its his Stepfather (Marco) who is the person really not amused by the lads reckless actions.

Back at home Luke finds himself in big trouble. He’s come clean about his behaviour but now its up to his Stepdad to make sure he won’t forget in a hurry the shame he has brought on the family.

A more senior boy he may be but now Luke is in for a very good spanking, one that will leave his well raised bare bottom scorched and sore!


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The taking of the watch means just one thing, its time this lad learned his lesson!

It will be some time before his bottom stops burning!




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Time Will Tell – in Standard Definition


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3 years ago

Well done Alex!
How nice to see and English lad able to maintain a bit of dialogue and banter. I hope we see lots more of him – possibly in a Hornet production. Please keep being naughty Alex!!

Dr van Spanking
3 years ago

Young Alex is a serious find! I don’t think I’ve come across a youth for a very long time whose whole physique radiates an aura that simply shrieks aloud for a good spanking! His cheeky good looks and rather impudent manner make him the perfect subject for Sting’s strict brand of discipline! And that’s before we even start thinking about his pert, hairless, phenomenally cheeky bottom, which sticks out just that bit further than a boy’s behind really has a right too! Just moulded by the gods of Spankers’ Heaven to be smacked! And smacked HARD!

A boy who is as spankable as Alex really does need to be laid over the knee to be punished if justice is to be done to his level of smackableness! It’s hard to believe that he could look any more smackable but he surely manages it with his shirt off, incidentally displaying the most beautifully whippable back! I could do some serious work on that with my cat-o-six-tails! Bent over Marco’s knee in his black trousers, he presents his bottom so impudently – I found myself nearly smacking the screen! I just had to freeze the film and mouse-spank him twelve times! A hint of blue waistband gave a real turn-on of a foretaste of things to come. Please, O please, ye gods of Spankers’ Heaven, let him be wearing coloured underpants! Don’t let that be just the coloured waistband of a pair of white boner-killers, not with a lad as spankable as that! Thankfully, as the boy took his trousers off, my worst fears were not realised – instead, my best hopes were! A good short pair of black boxer-briefs, the perfect length for discipline! A great choice of spankingwear!* Like Spartan, I hope we see a lot more of Alex getting his bottom smacked, not least because I am looking forward to seeing what other colourful treasures are nestling in the depths of his pants-drawer! For the moment, though, the combination of his close-fitting black trousers and short black knix is a SERIOUS finger-itcher!

Marco was recently described to me as the master of spanking, so it is fitting that young Alex should be laid across his knee for his first Sting punishment! His facial expression during the smacking speaks volumes about Marco’s severe spanking style as ‘Stepdad’ lays on with his usual vim and vigour, leaving the lad’s very bare bottom resembling a strawberry ripple as he remains laying across the settee, a clearly sad and sorry boy!

A wonderful and very spanky debut for an uberspankable and visibly very naughty young lad! We must hope for many more ‘English guest’ appearances! Could I suggest a schoolboy discipline scenario, since he looks so young and naughty in his school uniform?! Perhaps even turn Richard loose with the cane across his backside?!

* ‘spankingwear’ – I have been asked about this term (for which I proudly claim credit) on my blog. It refers generally to the underpants worn by a boy while he is being spanked. I
would, however, extend it to swimming-briefs and very short shorts, especially if the latter were being worn without underpants.