Sting Spanking Classic “A Beating At Bedtime”

Sting Spanking Classic, Rudi and Leo in the 2013 release:

A Beating at Bedtime


As Combehall College settles for the night the dormitories are often a hive of activity. In the seniors block two students Stewart (Leonardo King) and Nicholson (Rudi Vallance) have thought fit to sneak some bottled beer in. Alcohol of course as they are fully aware is banned in the college. They might be eighteen and sneak in to the pub once in a while but back in the dormitories it’s definitely taboo. They couldn’t have timed it worse really as they are both caught red handed by the Head of House who leaves his deputy Mr Wilson (Dexter) to deal with them.

He wastes no time in giving them both a good spanking pyjama bottoms both up and down. This is very embarrassing for such fit young lads and as they rub their now reddened bare bottoms they realise Mr Wilson has further punishment in mind.


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Now they are bent over one another and the burning lash of a thick leather belt is descending on to their raised and very rounded butts. They both begin to howl but to no avail as the young master is not finished with their burning bottoms yet!!



He decides to finish off with his dormitory cane. This swishy rattan is kept for after lights out offences and is easily carried on patrol. Both lads are now bent over side by side their raw bare bottoms about to feels the wasp like sting of this thin cane. Yelps, gasps, and howls follow as both boys get the red stripes they deserve. The biting rattan cane delivers its disciplinary message well pleasing its giver the toned form master Mr Henry Wilson. Maybe the best thing to enforce the college rules really is A Beating At Bedtime