Sting: Office Agony – You’re Fired

Office Agony You’re Fired

After arriving home David (Joshua Clark) was met by his step uncle (Marco) who had just received a phone call saying that he had lost his job..

Fed up with his bad attitude and laziness David is sent to his room to wait. And he doesn’t have to wait for long as Marco arrives with an eager switch.

Bending over the message quickly arrives on the seat of his trousers with each crack and swish.



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Still not convinced that he has learnt a lesson David is ordered to remove his trousers and a stinging spanking begins firstly on his tight fitting underwear then on his bare bottom until its hot and painful. This should ensure that he pulls his weight in the future.













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3 years ago

beautiful lad… lovely ass… and i adore his socked feet– they re incredibly sexy.