Sting / Hornet – 1900 The Power Of Persuasion (Part 1)


Now the 1900s series get the horny Hornet treatment with 1900 The Power of Persuasion. In this extended feature one thing leads to another and discipline soon becomes a lot more interesting to some of the young warders who’s duty it is to lay it on.


First to incur the wrath of their officer is Tommy Bruce (Xander Hollister and Jack Francis (Tom Nuttall) Rather than getting along quickly with their ablutions the two decide to engage in an intimate session together.


Caught by Mr Shaw (Johan Volny) he takes action there and then and gives both miscreants a good hard spanking.


As they want to indulge in explicit acts while in the House of Correction he decides to illustrate to them that with pleasure there is often pain! It’s very hard to pleasure your mate when your backside is on fire from the pounding palm of a fit young prison warder. 


It all very well laying it on but the warder wants more. Now he’s turned on to the matter in hand and its time to end the punishment proper.


Down comes the twisted rattan carpet beater an ideal instrument to whack a wayward boy’s bare bottom. 


Now being serviced by one lads he gives the other something to think about. The stinging beater cracks loudly in to the other lads already well spanked bare bottom.
To be continued …..

(In the second part, to be posted tomorrow,  Aaron Alton, Eddie Savion and new Sting Lad Oscar Roberts also experience 1900 pleasure and pain)

Links provided out of respect for Sting’s intellectual ownership

Warning this download is over one hour long, so the HD versions are very large files. Please Ensure That Your Internet can download this size stated

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david moravec
david moravec
10 years ago

hi it is so sad that johan volny dont want to get spanking…and how attractive it woul be to see his bare ass spanked by rich…i have an idea that was planned to filmed all scenes with johan volny, but he dont agree to be spanked. . .and stingpictures filmed new sequences with eddie savion! True or not? David

10 years ago
Reply to  david moravec

Hi David

Sorry I didn’t respond to this earlier. I am not sure exactly what happened, most of the younger tops, such as Dexter, Mike, Marco, Toby and Eddie are prepared to take occasional spankings, or in this case a birching so as Sting wanted to punish a top in this scene they cast Eddie in the role.

At the present time Johann Volny is more comfortable as a top. However, if he ever changes his mind I am sure Sting will have him bare bottom and over someone’s knee before he has second thoughts!