Sting: The Governor’s Choice 9 (Part 2 of 2)

In scene 2 of The Governor’s choice 9 a second inmate strips for his punishment.


Later the next boy, Perez, arrives (Mike Alvez) regretfully knocking on the same door. He’s had to many visits so this time the Governor has dug out the old cat of nine tails.


Instead of the cane Perez can receive something perhaps more severe on his bare bottom.


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Whipped in the manner of a boy as the old naval term used to say. The cruel thongs certainly have an effect and Perez is soon howling as the burning leather ends bite home.




The lads rounded little bottom is on fire; all good preparation for when he’s finally told to strip fully and go over the knee for a good spanking.





The Governors stinging palm cracks down on the painful raised lashes left by the cat! The lad is quickly prompted in to a re-think, he’s going to change his conduct. It’s time to behave in future!




The Preview video was posted with PART ONE, or alternatively it can be viewed




The Governor’s Choice Part 9 in 1080p Extra High Definition


The Governor’s Choice Part 9 in Standard Definition


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