Sting – Failed Inspection


Failed Inspection: Directed by Jonathan Fox. Back in barracks again this time with Mike Cross as the officer and featuring two hunky cadets, Damien Drake and Randal Pittman. Having both failed inspection their officer decides to administer an on the spot punishment.


Firstly Trooper Richards (Randall Pittman) is taken over the knee in time-honoured fashion and given a heavy handed military boys spanking. His ample rounded bare cheeks begin to glow under the onslaught of this disciplinary attack. 



Looking on Trooper Mitchell (Damien Drake) knows he is next. Again down comes the officers gym trained arm spanking the now squirming young Mitchell’s bare buttocks as he yelps and bucks under the officers stinging palm.


Because his section commander knows he is the main instigator of slackness and indiscipline it’s Richards who had to take a follow strapping. Mitchell can only look on quickly coming to the conclusion that in future he is going to toe the line and get on with some proper soldiering.

The belt comes down delivering crack after crack of burning leather until the young trooper’s backside bares all the reddened marks of well laid on discipline. Next time it’s really for both these troopers not going to be a failed inspection! 



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  1. Both of these guys failed there inspection .They both need to get a Ass whipping However some sense of dignity needs to apply and since this isntshow and tell nobody else should be present for these Whippings .Therefore they should be whipped separately wthout one watching the other In addition both of these young men should be required to strip completely before the punishment started .This adds to the humiliation and is essential.That all being said both of these guys assumed the position well OTK but they are cadets an and young adults so in my view OTk is inapprocate.They should have been made to lay it out on a Bed Couch ET C

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    I think Mike Cross need otk by Dexter.

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    Have sting changed there camera? there photo’s seem different.

  4. I love this whole set up. The OTK, the uniforms half on, both men watching one another get their punishment. This is like my fantasy come to life. Absolutely perfect!

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