Sting: End of The Road


End Of The Road

A senior college student, Madison (Rick Palmer) is in real trouble, he has unwisely taken a car without the owners consent and crashed it. The car belonged to another member of college staff but the Police became in involved and it looked like it would get completely out of hand for both Madison and the college. However, the Headmaster managed to do a private deal to smooth it all over. For Madison it means he must be severely punished.

To avoid the situation going any further the boy was more than willing to take his medicine and let the Headmaster deal with it, although now very apprehensive as to what was in store for him!


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WARNING – this video features a severe caning



He had reason to be as he will be receiving a hard bare bottom rattan caning

Later a good spanking to follow, something this wayward young man has needed for a while now! This is a test he must pass, then perhaps for a car legally in future.



End of The Road – in 1080p Extra High Definition


End of The Road – in Standard Definition


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2 years ago

What an effective punishment. I bet those stripes were felt for a few days!

2 years ago

Rick Palmer is hot! I think the shower sequence in this video is the best Sting has produced! And Rick takes a severe caning with such equanimity! Hopefully, we’ll see many more videos with Rick!