Sting: Don’t Fan The Flames

Don’t Fan The Flames

A cocky student, Colin (Austin Cook) takes a smoke, out of hounds, in the college boiler room and ends up nearly burning the place down. Luckily the fire is extinguished before it takes hold…

Unluckily for Colin the Principal is now all fired up and reports the matter to the boys guardian.


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Back home and in real trouble, Colin still cheekily still maintains the pretence of being the innocent party. This boy needs teaching lesson in manners, let alone humility! He needs pulling down a peg or two and a good spanking in the manner of a naughty boy might just be a good place to start!

The nearest thing to hand, the carpet beater, applied to the lads bare bottom might just be a good place to finish. A fiery and sore end is just what this lad needs!



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4 Responses to Sting: Don’t Fan The Flames

  1. Avatar harry_dogbreath
    harry_dogbreath says:

    Should have been bare from the word go – can still hear the old man saying “A whippin’ ain’t a whippin’ unless you are bare” Still, he takes it well – hated the carpet beater myself!!

  2. Could Austin be anymore gorgeous…? omg….!

  3. Shame that the firemen who had to put out the blaze at the school weren’t there to witness Colin’s punishment, along with a school official or two. Maybe they would have spanked him as well… I’m sure they’d feel better if they did!

  4. That last photo makes my fingers tingle

    I’d love to spank that bouncy twink bottom