Sting: Caught in the Act

In this short clip new Sting model Jesse Magowen plays a college junior, who sneaks in to a senior’s dorm to check out his porn magazine collection.



On being discovered by the older student (Mike Cross) the unlucky lad is made to pay for his unwarranted intrusion. 


Annoyed with the younger students impudent attitude the muscular senior picks him up off the bed and throws him across his knee. Suddenly this hapless youngster feels what it’s like to get spanked, and spanked till his very rounded butt cheeks are glowing red.

Not satisfied with just a spanking the senior student grabs the boy again and marches him up to the bunk beds. The senior then whips the black leather belt from his jeans and making sure the youngster’s backside is well pushed out, begins to administer good strapping. 

The building sting soon begins to reach a climax on the youths jutting out bare backside. The leather belt burns and the redness from the spanking is now getting even deeper. Feeling just a little regretful now it will be sometime before this junior student gets caught in the act again.



There is a link to the Sting 18.USC.2257 declaration in the right hand column of this blog

19 Responses to Sting: Caught in the Act

  1. Another very handsome young victim. Sting have been finding some good ones.

  2. Avatar Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Wouldn’t been a total hit clip mike cross is fit but the boy is abit camp for me so I won’t buy this shame shoulda used a different guy this is my thing with sting. What else can I say I don’t know.

    • I don’t think he’s camp, he is actually quite a handsome guy

    • Avatar Anonymous
      Anonymous says:

      Just look at the bottom pic. And don’t get it twisted I didn’t say he wasn’t handsome I don’t fancy hiim myself 🙂 but Mike Cross ahh he had me at cross lol

  3. Avatar Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Mike Cross is hot, I wish he could spank me

  4. Avatar Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    perhaps there is a discrepancy in the meaning of the word “camp” for americans (me) as opposed to britons or europeans. while it is true that this model’s look may be more in line with the spankthis studio than sting’s, the label “camp” may not be entirely accurate or appropriate. (c’mon, at least he has some hair on his crack/thighs!) camp or not, sales of the videos will determine the longevity of his career as a spankee; sting is in business like everybody else.

    i frequently read on these blog pages, and elsewhere — in the google groups, for instance — of sting’s “golden age” (golden ages are invariably of the past, e.g. “st. datchet’s academy,” but never in the present or future), and those opinions are worthwhile and occasionally passionately argued. yet i contend that there are still wonders to behold from the good gents at sting: “bring back the birch,” for example, is a defining moment within the studio’s oeuvre, on par with any of their great gems. certainly none of the eastern european models will achieve that glorious “scally” quality that gave the datchet’s crew their authenticity, nor should they try. there will always be gains and losses, that is the way of the world. sting is still willing to take risks, which is what matters in the end. whether or not the short video, advertised above, will be a resounding success is moot: by next week, we’ll have moved onto something newer anyway, but their business kept thriving, and hopefully there is still room for another, more creative and involving work in the future.

    • Thank you for that intelligent comment. There is a lot of merit in what you say. St Datchets and Gray Shorts were classic Sting movies and the British cast had a quality which is hard to replace. However, more recent releases such Bring Back the Birch and “My Borstal Days II” are also superb and very erotic movies, to name just two. Also, wait until you see Oh Brother II, that will knock everyone’s socks off.

      I have spoken to Sting about Jesse, and I am told he is not as “camp” as he appears in the posing photo. Sting didn’t take that picture, it was an agency photo, taken after a make-over, which rather changed Jesse’s appearance.

  5. Avatar Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    When I comment as me Anom 23 I always seem to cause a stir I not hear to bash sting they are a descent studio I save some of there pictures to as there hot but what you wrote above I ain’t got a clue what you chattin bout I’m from uk and the boy in that pic would be considered gay lookin it just don’t do it for me if I wanted a gay looking boy I’d date women maybe cuz I’m only 23 you know I’d rather see scally lads etc hood rats gettin spanked never mind we ain’t all gonna agree on things in life just way it is 🙂 just so it clear I like sting 🙂 – Luke

    • Hi Luke

      I don’t know whether you cause a stir, or whether your comments stimulate a conversation. Which is not a bad thing.

      I am pleased to hear that you like Sting 🙂

    • Avatar Anonymous
      Anonymous says:

      Lol yeh could be a good thing.
      na sting are good I do like them I’m even joined to there google group I just some times have to save the pics to me phone (hope they don’t mind people downloading there pics) I can’t help me self 😉 I do wish they would make some more modern scenes but I’m sure they will – Luke

    • Yes, you can download any pictures which you find at this blog and also any which are posted to the Sting Google group. Sting are cool with that, and I’m sure the other studios feel the same.

      However, please don’t share any videos you may buy

  6. Avatar Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Why people not make things easy to read I’m hood I don’t know what you saying above man lol

  7. Jesse is too skinny and boyish for my taste – we in the U.S. would consider him a “twink”. However, Mike Cross is another matter – good-looking, muscular, masculine, clean-cut – the ideal physical type to play the bottom role in a spanking movie. I’d definitely buy a video in which Mike is the “spankee” rather than the spanker.

  8. Mike Cross OTK I’d buy that to.

  9. I would like to see on of these proud muscular tops like Mark Cross humiliated when a couple of nerdy little twinks turn the table on him and beat his ass

    • No. That would be terrible DEXTER SPANKING MIKE CORSS now sting take notes please lol

    • I think it would be more humiliating if it were little twinks doing it. Maybe Dexter spanks him with Twinks watching and giggling?

  10. Yeh ok deter spanking mike twinks laughing lol and we can laugh too 🙂