Sting: The Bully Gets His Well Deserved Comeuppance in “The Reformatory 3” (Part 2 of 2)

The Reformatory 3

Part 2

Wayne Brewster was pretty pleased with himself when he got young Tommy West into trouble, resulting in poor Tommy getting unfairly punished. However, the arrogant bully had forgotten about one thing! ……

The CCTV camera had seen everything and as they say the camera never lies. The cocky Brewster, thinking he has got away with it, is hauled before the Warden. Now the evidence is out in the open and he has nowhere to hide.

Brewster knows his ass is toast … literally

For getting young West in to so much trouble he too is now sent to the punishment room. On arrival he finds Tommy West is waiting there too. Mr Sharpe, his section officer, hands the paddle to West, a more severe holed one this time, with instruction to give him a good licking!


What a tempting target!


Tommy is going to really enjoy this


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Brewster, however, will certainly not enjoy it!


Brewster’s bare bottom is an even more tempting target for the paddle






After this Wayne Brewster, the big shot, will be going over Mr Sharpe’s knee for a spanking, just like the naughty boy that he is.

How humiliating for this arrogant young hoodlum!




Wayne Brewster receives a good bare bottom spanking, all watched by Tommy West, who it must be said is having one hell of a good day!

Click Here for Part 1 and the Video Preview


The Reformatory Part 3 – in 1080p Extra High Definition


The Reformatory Part 3 – in Standard Definition


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Canadian Spanker
Canadian Spanker
4 years ago

I enjoyed this, I always like the clips with people watching a guy get spanked, I have a fantasy about a hunky male athlete being spanked in front of a class, or a sports team. It would be even hotter if the guy getting spanked looked very humiliated and embarrassed and begged not to be spanked in front of people.

that would be an instant hard on

There was a great scene in A Bedtime story where a guy in pyjamas was spanked in front of another boy, and the one where Robin was spanked by Rich in front of his sister .