Sting: Army Cadets 4 (Part 2 of 3)

 Scene 2 of Army Cadets 4 Features the ever popular Darren

Tests of Elementary training, TOETs, are important to pass. However Trooper Gordon (Darren) has failed to do this again.

Sergeant Chambers certainly has his work cut out as again a young cadet is over his knee having his bare bottom slapped red raw. 

 The nearest follow up implement in a mounted regiment has to be the short platted leather riding whip or ‘crop’ as it is known. Usually for coaching horses it is equally successful in disciplining their disobedient riders. 

The fast reddening lashes are definitely scorching the smooth rounded and now tender backside of Trooper Gordon!

To Be Continued (Next Up in scene three Rudi – and a surprise bonus!!)

Video Trailer to follow

Staring Darren, Rudi Vallance, Nicolas Salter and Marco

Click here for Scene One 

Links provided out of respect for Sting’s intellectual ownership 

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9 years ago

When Sting do military spank scenes they always do it well, the attention to detail is great.