Sting: Approved Education Part 6 (Part 2 of 2)

A further scene from Approved Education Part 6 features Darren and new Sting actor Simon Lee

For two seniors, Colin Knightley (new Stinglad Simon Lee) and Toby Travers (Darren) it’s time to report to the Headmaster. This of course is not for the best of reasons as both boys have managed to chalk up really bad monthly reports. Their names appear in the red book and it’s a fact that Travers has been led astray by Knightly in getting such appalling results.
Both in line for punishment they are told to strip and first Knightly goes straight over the heads knee. Big lads or not they are going to feel the burning sting of discipline and very quickly knightly is squirming and hissing as the heads punishing palm collides again and again with his bare bottom. 

Next it’s Travers and he too has his bottom scolded red by the flat of the heads hand, his arched and well-rounded backside feeling the full force.

The Headmasters rattan canes are well cared for receiving a wipe over with linseed oil each week. The perfect instrument to finish off any session of displinary punishment with both Knightly and Travers now bent over thrusting out their well spanked bottoms waiting for the first cut. 

The painful swish and crack of the cane repeats over with both youths yelping their way through the punishment wishing the end would come.

It will but only when a good number of stripes have been burned on to their well-rounded senior backsides.

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  1. Darren is beautiful such beautiful buttocks and a big cock as well

  2. Darren aka jose mauel.

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    Anonymous says:

    How old is Darren I guessing 25/26 I think his older than me but his done a lot for sting his just my type oh na na na na think his good looking lad defiantly boyfriend matirial is he gay and give him my number it’s 0… haha joking.

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    Anonymous says:

    Also can we see some army scenarios or borstals always this school stuff is abit tedious.