Steve Wright’s First Spanking – at Spanking Straight Boys

From a new American spanking studio Spanking Straight Boys

First Contact Video! This video marks the first time Steve, who is just 18, has ever been spanked or touched sexually by a man. In fact, he had never even been naked in front of another guy. All that’s about to change.
Tom of Spanking Straight Boys just couldn’t stand the fact that he wasn’t going to get his hands on Steve’s amazing ass, so he made Steve one last offer for a spanking video. It was too good for Steve to refuse, so he made a last-minute decision to accept. Of course, that meant Steve had absolutely no specifics about what he was in for. Tom gives Steve a lengthy, hard spanking.

As the spanking goes on and on, Steve’s nervous smile fades and his eyes begin to tear up from the pain. At the end of this video Steve can’t believe how far his spanking has gone. And it was only the halfway point! Steve’s ass felt every bit as good as it looked and Tom was in no hurry to finish.

Video Preview

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