Spanking Straight Boys

Spanking Straight Boys

This week’s update from Spanking Straight Boys is “Owen’s Butt Plug Spanking” featuring the very spankable Owen. JockSpank have chosen not to post detailed pictures or a video traler for this update, as it contains a significant amount of off topic activity, such as Cock and Ball Punishment (CBT) and the use of sex toys.

However, visitors who wish to see more can view a video preview trailer at the Spanking Straight boys Website, or at Spanking Tube.

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5 years ago

Think this is one of the hottest SSB videos of all time. Not only does it have the sexy Owen, he also has his balls spanked.

(not sure why that can’t be shown on the site – they do that and more at East Europe Boys all the time – and it makes it into the descriptions and preview videos)

Parker’s balls need seeing to next!