Spanking Straight Boys: Yul in the Spanking Tower

Spanking Straight Boys: Yul in the Spanking Tower

Yul is a tough guy. He has gotten into more than his share of trouble, and he’s no stranger to fights. Yul wasn’t planning to come back after his first spanking video. He found it embarrassing and didn’t like all the contact with another man it involved. Fortunately for us, Yul again finds himself in need of extra funds and, as a result, has returned for this video.

Yul didn’t ask for details, so he didn’t receive any. He didn’t know he be put in a humiliating position in Tom’s spanking tower. In fact, he had never even seen the tower, so it was a complete surprise.

This video opens with Tom locking Yul into the spanking tower. Once he has him in the tower, Tom notices that Yul has some long hair in his now-spread butt and on his upper legs. Yul is not a hairy boy, but Tom felt this hair was distracting, so he whipped out a pair of electric clippers and proceeded to trim the hair down (much to Yul’s chagrin).


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Tom then begins the spanking. He uses his hand, a riding crop, bamboo pole, cane and a large leather slapper on Yul’s muscular butt. Yul struggles throughout. Like the other boys Tom has spanked in this position, Yul says the pain is greatly intensified by the strained, flexed position he’s in.





The spanking tower leaves the boys’ feet exposed, too, so Adam got a bit of bastinado By the end, Yul’s butt is red and marked up.


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2 Responses to Spanking Straight Boys: Yul in the Spanking Tower

  1. He may not be the prettiest pup in the pack but he is most certainly one of the sexiest boys to have ever been spanked.

  2. m – I agree with that assessment!