Spanking Straight Boys: White Glove Inspection

Spanking Straight Boys: White Glove Inspection

In a previous video, Tom spanked Josh for not keeping his car clean (it was actually Josh’s parents’ car, which made it worse). Josh was driving in again for today’s shoot, so Tom thought he’d do another car inspection. Then it occurred to him that making Josh clean his own car yields little benefit. Tom’s car is already clean, so that’s not an option. However, the spanking room could do with some cleaning.

Josh is surprised to learn that he’ll be cleaning the room. The room is almost empty, but there is a lot of dust. Tom gives Josh a bucket of water and dozens of clean towels. Tom tells him to clean the room, and then he’ll come in and inspect (he doesn’t mention the white glove). Tom expected that Josh wouldn’t get the room clean the first time, and he spanks him for that. He thought Josh would then get the room fully clean, and there’d be a bit more spanking for his initial failure.


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Tom didn’t expect that the whole process would take over two hours, but it did. This video is far shorter, of course, due to heavy editing and speeding up of the cleaning footage. Josh ends up getting spanked multiple times, and the room still isn’t fully clean.

Many of today’s young people simply don’t understand hard work. Gone are the days when young people get jobs in high school. Everything is delayed, and, when work finally becomes unavoidable, many aren’t ready. They just don’t understand what it is to work. They also don’t appreciate that many of the jobs available to you when you’re young and inexperienced are hard and not fun. Even a boy like Josh doesn’t seem to understand this. He is a hard worker. He supports himself and lives on his own. But somehow he still couldn’t quite wrap his head around a simple task like cleaning until all the dirt is gone.

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