Spanking Straight Boys: Russell in Baseball Gear

Spanking Straight Boys: Russell in Baseball Gear

Today, Tom has Russell put on a baseball uniform. He must have found this embarrassing because he is sullen from the start. Then again, Russell’s made no secret of the fact that he does not like being spanked. He does these videos grudgingly. We don’t know if the spankings or the lectures bother him more. Tom suspects it’s the latter.

Tom puts Russell over his knee and spanks him by hand, with a flog, an electric paddle and a leather slapper. Russell looks great as he kicks and squirms in his well-fitting baseball uniform.


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He grunts and groans as the spanking drags on, but he still doesn’t want to give Tom the satisfaction of showing how much the spanking is getting to him. His butt gets bright red as his attitude worsens.

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5 Responses to Spanking Straight Boys: Russell in Baseball Gear

  1. Here my issues why go all the way to find an “authentic uniform” then to take away the believability by having the model choose their implement then it’s just a case of one indulging in there fetish and the video serves no purpose for me at least as a spanking clip. I want to believe in the fantasy but this is just a a case of paying the model to film and that’s it there’s not ART to it. Definitely not for me!

  2. Also I absolutely hate jockstraps they are the most unattractive thing man ever made they look so bad.

    • Thanks for both your comments, and you are totally entitled to your view. However, it is entirely a matter of taste, everyone has different fantasies, and many people will have loved the exact elements you did not appreciate.

      • Avatar Teacherman
        Teacherman says:

        I couldn’t agree more. In my experience, studios like Spanking Straight Boys always endeavour to ring the changes with implements, positions, scenarios, clothing etc….not to mention the models themselves…. in order to offer something for all tastes. They can’t please all of the people all of the time! Jockstraps aren’t my favourite apparel either, but I appreciate that they will be for a large section of Tom’s clientele. No complaints here!

  3. More attitude from young Russell, maybe another caning is required. 🙂 🙂