Spanking Straight Boys: Pushing Wes

Spanking Straight Boys: Pushing Wes

Wes is a muscular straight jock who prides himself on being able to take a hard spanking. However, this has been a particularly hard session. As this video opens, Wes has just finished being spanked while getting a wedgie, with a butt plug inserted! He found that quite embarrassing and difficult to take.


If Wes thinks things are over, he is wrong. After he lets Wes down and removes the butt plug, Tom proceeds to push Wes to his limits with a wooden paddle, rubber paddle, riding crop and leather strap.

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Wes doesn’t break down, but anger seems to get the best of him. It appears he may be cursing Tom out under his breath. He’s lucky Tom didn’t hear anything.



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5 Responses to Spanking Straight Boys: Pushing Wes

  1. Avatar John Smith
    John Smith says:

    How are we looking for a return by Heath?

  2. Hello John – It is still in the works. I expect we will have more from him.

  3. Please do whatever is needed to keep Wes coming back for more – he couldn’t be any hotter. Would love to see him in simpler, traditional situations – OTK, bending over grabbing ankles, on his back legs up, etc.

  4. I’d give that boy a spanking just for not wearing underwear