Spanking Straight Boys: Near Tears

Spanking Straight Boys: Near Tears

Terry, 21 and straight, is in a tough spot. He loaned his car to his brother, and his brother wrecked it. Terry’s car is only a few months old. It was too much car for him to begin with. It’s a very nice, new 2023 that he financed. His payment and insurance are about $1,000 per month, and that doesn’t include gas. Buying it was a bad idea.

Terry had an even worse idea. He was trying to be nice when he loaned his car to his brother, but his brother wrecked it and now Terry can’t afford to get it fixed. The insurance won’t cover the damage because his brother has no insurance of his own, and he isn’t listed on Terry’s insurance as a driver. So now Terry has a car that he can’t drive, with thousands of dollars of damage that he can’t afford to fix. It’s a terrible situation, and it’s sad because Terry was trying to be nice.


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Tom feels for Terry. He tells Terry that it’s Terry’s brother that should be over his knee, and Terry agrees. Then again, in the end Terry could have avoided this if he had not loaned his car to anyone. Tom told Terry that you don’t loan your car to anyone who doesn’t have full insurance and the financial ability to pay for your car if something goes wrong.

Terry learns a hard lesson over Tom’s knee. He’s very near tears at many points during this spanking. When he gets 23 with the belt, he ends up getting many more because he just can’t keep track of the count. Terry’s angry and he’s upset. He needs this spanking to get himself under control.

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  1. Avatar Ritchie
    Ritchie says:

    Terry is cute, but he needs to get rid of that earring 🙂