Spanking Straight Boys: Josh Spanks Darren

WE’RE BACK!!! And first up Handsome Darren get’s his butt toasted by little Josh at Spanking Straight Boys


Spanking Straight Boys: Josh Spanks Darren

In the first part of this shoot, Darren (age 24) spanked Josh (22). It was awkward for both of them because both are straight and they had only met minutes before the spanking began. That video is titled “Darren Spanks Josh.”


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Darren found having a guy (Josh) over his knee very disconcerting. He seemed to get more used to it as the spanking went on, but now he has to endure being over Josh’s knee. Neither of them want to be seen to be looking at the other boy naked. You’ll see this come into play at several times during this video.

Josh’s spanking skills have been progressing. Today he delivers a hard spanking and paddling that leaves Darren’s butt hot and red. Darren struggles with the spanking at many points. He tries to maintain his nonchalant manner, but he just can’t. He punches his hand with his fist at one point, and punched the sofa at another point. This spanking leaves Darren exasperated and testy. It’s nice to see him a bit off kilter!

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