Spanking Straight Boys: Jordan’s First Spanking

Spanking Straight Boys: Jordan’s First Spanking

This is, for a few reasons, quite an interesting video, and perhaps Tom’s favorite thus far. Not only is it Jordan’s first spanking video, but also the first time he has been touched by a man. It is also the first adult work he has done. But that is common for most of our first time models. What’s unique about this video is that Jordan told his mother he was going to do a spanking video, and he came with his mother’s blessing!

This video begins with a brief interview with Jordan in which he discusses his history of physical discipline. He is no stranger to bare-ass, over-the-knee spankings. Some have even been witnessed by other people, though they were not performances.

After the interview, Tom orders Jordan over his knee and begins spanking him. At this early stage, Jordan is wearing button-fly jeans, and they doubtlessly cushion the impact. Less than a minute into the spanking, Jordan says, half under his breath, “Is that all you got?”

Tom hears this and begins to lay into into Jordan. He tells Jordan that he will regret running his smart mouth.

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Tom uses his hand, a birch and a leather strap on Jordan. He makes Jordan choose the implements and goes heavy on them. At the end of this video, you’ll see Jordan furtively wiping away a tear. Tom is getting through to him, and his attitude is much improved. His butt is very red, and his ordeal is not nearly over.





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6 Responses to Spanking Straight Boys: Jordan’s First Spanking

  1. I REALLY dig the matching socks and underpants!

  2. What a cutie!

  3. Very nice looking young man. I wish my parents had been that understanding, I expect you have to go easy the first time Tom but let him know you mean it next time. Good model find all American boy.

    • Dr_Caine – That’s just halfway in! It would have ended there if he didn’t run his smart mouth, however, he did, so there’s more to come. Anything but light by the end! Thanks – Tom

  4. socks and boxers arewonderful… do i see tears at the end?