Spanking Straight Boys: Joey’s First Spanking

Spanking Straight Boys: Joey’s First Spanking

Joey is a 24-year-old Hispanic straight boy with a great butt. Before today, he had never been touched by a man and had never done any type of adult work.

Joey took longer to decide to do a video than just about any model we’ve shot. He would periodically contact us at the last minute saying he wanted to shoot, but every time it would fall through. Tom expected this time would be no different. This time, however, Joey follows through.


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Tom puts Joey on the table for a hard, humiliating spanking. Joey can’t say exactly what he had expected, but he didn’t expect this hard of a spanking. He must have thought it would be light and playful.

Joey grunts, groans, curses and complains as his butt gets redder and redder. Tom wants to spank him again. The question is whether he’ll come back. We hope so.

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10 months ago

Kind of a young Zach Braff vibe.