Spanking Straight Boys: Credit 101

Spanking Straight Boys: Credit 101

Hot, hung and muscular Owen is back for another spanking. This time, Tom makes him put on white briefs and pajamas before ordering him over his knee.

Owen needs to do this shoot to pay bills. Like many young people who go off to college, Owen has gotten himself in trouble by borrowing more money. He had income sufficient to cover his bills, but then he screwed up. He had set up automatic payments for one of his debts and entered his bank’s information incorrectly.

Over the course of several months, payments that he thought were being made were not. Owen had failed to notify his creditor of his new address and phone number, so they could not reach him.

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Of course, Owen should have known about the problem. He should have been balancing his checking account each month, and he certainly should have noticed that he had hundreds of more dollars available to him, but he did not. He did not realize he had a problem until his debt went to a debt collection agency that tracked him down. Now he owes thousands of dollars and his credit score has dropped precipitously and he needs cash.


Tom lectures Owen while spanking him. He asks him how he let this happen, and why he didn’t discover it early on. Owen doesn’t have many answers. He knows that he acted recklessly, and he knows that he lives beyond his means. Now he’s paying some serious consequences.


Tom spanks Owen by hand, with a silicone paddle, riding crop and the implement Owen dreads most, Tom’s electric paddle. Owen obediently takes it all, as he knows he must.



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10 Responses to Spanking Straight Boys: Credit 101

  1. the boy’s shoe is not great.
    why not wearing a black leather shoes?
    black leather shoes would be great

  2. Because he’s wearing pajamas…

    I love this studio so much. The guys are so damn hot.

  3. Avatar wellspankedbot
    wellspankedbot says:

    nice to see the cane used OTK i cane like this sometimes and sometimes i get it!

  4. I’d love to know what Toms first thoughts were when Owen first walked into the saloon!

    • Hi Joshua – My thoughts were, “How did I get this guy in the door. He is a god among men.” And then it turned out that he is a great guy, too. Thanks – Tom

  5. Avatar Aaron B
    Aaron B says:

    The top (Tom) should make this careless young jock pay off his debt by taking spankings, say at $100 a Spanking. Assuming he owes a few thousand he’d still be paying the debt in Summer 2020. He would be less careless after that.

    I would love to know his reaction to the suggestion ?

  6. Hi Aaron – In the end, he is a stand-up guy who will work this off. He was raised right, but, like many young people out on their own for the first time, the availability of easy credit (which credit card companies are all too eager to dole out to college students, figuring their parents will bail them out) made getting into debt a simple thing to do. He is paying it off without going to his parents, and I have a great deal of respect for that. Many people his age run right to mom and dad in a situation like that. Thanks for your feedback! – Tom