Spanking Straight Boys: CJ Over The Knee

Spanking Straight Boys: CJ Over The Knee

CJ is a hot 23-year-old straight boy with an amazingly round and firm bubble butt (one of the best we’ve shot). Today he’s back for his second spanking. Tom told him to dress nicely and he did, wearing a navy blazer, dress pants and a pair of loafers.

As is virtually always the case with every shoot, CJ didn’t ask for any details about today’s spanking. He is very surprised to learn he’s going over Tom’s knee, as you can see by the look on his face.


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It’s a hard spanking and CJ struggles with it. Like so many boys, he wants to appear calm and collected, as though the spanking is no big deal. If you watch his face, however, you can tell that the spanking gets to him more and more as it progresses. On the other end, his butt gets redder and redder. Tom uses his hand, a leather slapper, a perforated paddle and a hairbrush on CJs round butt. The paddle and hairbrush really get to CJ.

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7 Responses to Spanking Straight Boys: CJ Over The Knee

  1. Avatar bottom berater
    bottom berater says:

    are we going to be seeing more of cooper any time in the future?

  2. I might well have made this observation before, but it always rather surprises and amuses me when a boy is surprised that Tom is going to lay him over his knee to spank him. It has never surprised any of my naughty boys when they have been put across my knee for their first spanking. It is a position for discipline whose origins are lost in the mists of time – surely a lad who knows he’s going to get his bottom smacked would realise that being laid over the knee for it is a possibility?

    • I suspect the difference may be the motivation of the boys. The ones we spank aren’t into being spanked. I think two may have liked it somewhat, but even they weren’t into it, so I don’t think they or any of our other boys put much thought into the particulars. When I’ve asked them what they thought it would be, most have said that they thought they’d just be bending over. Many have said they just don’t want the details.

      • Oh that’s interesting. Who do you think liked it? (Don’t feel you have to respond if you don’t want to). If I had to hazard a guess it would be Alex (because he volunteered to be paddled) & Dustin (because he seems kind of relaxed about it – but that could just be the pain management training I imagine the military get).