Spanking Straight Boys: Carter and Josh Side by Side

Spanking Straight Boys: Carter and Josh Side by Side

It’s been a long day for straight boys Carter and Josh. First, Tom had Carter straddle Josh. Tom then gave Carter a long, hard spanking. Next, Tom had them swap positions and gave Josh an equally hard spanking. Now Tom has the boys get up on their hands and knees, side-by-side, while Tom spanks and paddles both of them.


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This video opens with parts of the boys’ individual spankings (shown from new angles), and finishes with Tom spanking them side-by-side. You’ll see Tom spank them jointly from several angles.

Josh and Carter look very hot on their hands and knees as they are being paddled. Both have been spanked enough that they have become quite obedient and respectful young men.

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18. U.S.C. 2257

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