Spanking Confessions from Bad-Lads

New from, The Confessions Series. Starting with 18 year old Jason


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One Response to Spanking Confessions from Bad-Lads

  1. I’m not really into this compared to the other videos it seems very different and it comes across as really oversexualised almost hinging on being too camp and gay which isn’t appealing hearing the tattooed man say “yeah, yeah” it really takes away from this being a spanking video and makes it more gay vanilla porn. The model however has a very nice bottom!! There’s just something hot about all straight models in spanking videos or at least acting straight (if gay) otherwise you have SpankThis and that isn’t appealing in the slightest spanking isn’t about gay sexual pleasure it’s about good discipline and this is why any hint if “sexualized pleasure” which includes the spanker touching the guys balls/cock makes it a joke and I can’t take it seriously.

    That’s my confession!!

    Ps. This isn’t really much of a “trailer” when we just see a picture and most of it was talking. ?