Spanking Boys – Mike

 Mike, an 18 year old British boy, is a mate of Rowan another Spanking Boys model. Like Rowan, Mike is curious about his sexuality and money is a good get out clause for exploring new expereinces. This wonderfully smooth blonde bubble butt teen had never been spanked before or never been touched by a man before so it was a privilege for the website owner to squeeze, caress and soap-down this horny young twink all over his young tattooed body, before giving him his first spanking. After that he was in every position  whilst yelping with every smack to his prize young ass his hard young cock pressing against the spanker’s leg. Clearly this new adventure was something of a turn-on for this bundle of teen hormones, so the owner smacked his bottom harder and harder until it turned a hot shade of red before he jacked off and came all over himself. 


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