Spanking Boys – Spence

A new arrival at Spanking Boys is 20 year old Spence, here is what the site owner has to say about this lad:

Spence is a cheeky jack-the-lad who will try anything once – and do anything to survive. He works as a shoe polisher in one of the large eastern European central railway stations, it was the perfect pretext to strike up a conversation and offer this lad some work.

Once the deal was accepted I got him to my rented holiday apartment and stripped Spence of his clothes and ordered him into the shower where I filmed his thick but well maintained upper body. I shaved his hairy well-resistant muscular twink butt and made it ultra smooth ready to get him over my knee.

Cleaned up and shaved I laid him down and pushed his ass in the air and spanked him hard. This was his first spanking and he really felt the pain. This lad had an exquisite bubble butt and it was an awesome pleasure to spank. So sexually frustrated by the experience he jacked-off and cum all over my newly polished floor, for which his ass took a further beating soon after.

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