Spanking Boys EU : Noah Eden

Spanking Noah Eden

Noah is standing up, facing the wall, with his hands placed behind the head, waiting for his just and well-deserved punishment.

When Master arrives, the boy is lying on the bed and he can start with a rally of hard spankings given with a leather paddle and by hand. Noah chooses the very painful wooden brush as next tool, knowing Master will appreciate it. And he does so much in fact, that Noah also gets severely spanked with a heavy hand, not only on the butt but also on the asshole.

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After, Noah is savagely punished with a double leather strap and spanked by hand. For the last sequence of the evening, Noah chooses a harder leather strap and quickly gets strapped by Master with no mercy, until he has a fiery red ass, before getting the traditional loud and heavy hand spanks.


After, Master gives the young man a refreshing massage with lotion, because cream and spanking are an excellent massage combo, and Noah has no other choice than accepting it. Thankful to his Master, Noah lies down in bed with him.

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16 days ago

Would you all mind reposting the pics from this post
I would be very grateful

Bastinado Boy
Bastinado Boy
15 days ago

I just bought the clip and it is great! Over an hour of gorgeous Noah! He is so special! Do cute, such a butt! One of a kind. His clips at East Europe are as great or even greater than East Europe’s past greatest models:Christian, Michal, Lukas Liz, Filip, Daniel Ti, Roman Ja, Davide.

Bastinado Boy
Bastinado Boy
14 days ago
Reply to  Bastinado Boy

I must add Pavel Tom to my list of all-time best and classic East Europe models. Some of them have had severe spanking sessions from the master, bruising included!

15 days ago

This is incredibly hot I absolutely love the positioning on the bed I imagine him being called to his father’s room to be punished and the model has an amazing bottom. I actually always wanted to see this position done I love seeing his feet move around as his spanked and those big balls hanging down looks so hot.