Spanking Boys EU: Noah Eden is a Bad Student

Noah Eden is a Bad Student

As we approach the final weeks of college, Noah’s guardian has been called in by his teacher to receive a disappointing school report. Unless Noah makes crucial improvements in his studies, he will have to repeat the year. Noah should be nervous about what lies ahead, instead he continues to waste time on his phone, sight that make his Guardian snap when he arrives; and noticing a ping pong paddle on the bed, he grabs it to use it later on the boy. Pulled by the ear and taken into the largest room, Noah soon finds himself on his Master’s knees, to get severely spanked by hand as he deserves, first on his short trousers, then on his panties and finally on the bare buttocks.

Once completely naked, Noah is again bent over his Guardian’s knee and harshly spanked with the boy’s ping pong paddle, just before receiving another severe hand spanking. Then a round of vigorous slipper paddling follows, alternated to hard hand spanking, while Noah is in the wheelbarrow position and the Guardian holds him by the balls.


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After using the boy’s objects, the Guardian now wants to use his tools too and asks Noah to choose one impact tool and to hand it over. Noah is laid on the table with his legs spread, and punished as he deserves, with a leather paddle and heavy hand spankings.

After, he chooses a double leather strap, hands it to the Guardian who use it vigorously while the boy is placed with his back on the table and his legs raised and spread offering his buttocks and his sensitive asshole, also to for a round of hand spanks.

The Guardian then gives the boy a warning: if he fails, he won’t be allowed to go on holiday with his girlfriend and will receive further punishment.

What will happen during the little time left before the end of school? Will Noah pass the year? Sure if he doesn’t, he’ll be to entertain us a little more! ?

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  1. This is so hot with his legs kicking and feet kicking while he is laid on the table and the legs up position is very erotic. I do like this model very much.