Spanking Boys EU: Noah Eden – Belting

Noah Eden Belting

Noah is pulled into the bedroom where Master brandishes a leather belt against him: while lying on the bed, Noah endures its stinging lashes, first upon his underwear and then upon his bare buttocks, just before the heavy-handed spanking that follows.


Noah is seen kneeling on the bed, facing the wall, hands behind his neck, while Master has fun with the leather strap, punishing him severely with it before a series of painful hand spankings is cast on the buttocks and on their centre.


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Caution, Noah receives severe punishment




Following, Noah is made lying with his back on a pillow, his legs raised and spread, while Master spanks the poor boy’s buttocks and asshole, first with a leather belt and then by hand, for an explosion of sensations.


Now on all fours, Noah gets strapped without mercy before being hand-spanked on his already sore buttocks and then, right onto his open asshole.

Master is so satisfied with the boy’s performance that he wants to award him and starts rubbing Noah’s red butt with some refreshing lotion, just before providing another series of hand spankings, which amplify the effect of the lotion on the poor boy’s buttocks.


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2 Responses to Spanking Boys EU: Noah Eden – Belting

  1. This model is so hot SERIOUSLY HOT he has good looks an amazing arse the perfect boy next door look. I would snatch this model up real quick he is the perfect spanking model definitely has my approval and I’m not easily pleased!

    This position on the bed is fabulous! This position is one of my favourite it’s humiliation and eroticism at the same time it’s perfect for spanking a hot lad It’s an all out SHOWCASE… I LIKE THIS ONE!! I also love this position OTK which we see a lot of from Higgins but regardless it’s fantastic!

    I often find that if you’re working with the same models for some time to keep the films feeling fresh and new it’s important to try many different positions. This is the second film with this guy that I think looks so incredibly hot.


  2. Avatar Massimo
    Massimo says:

    This is what a good hard strapping looks like.